September 2015 Clyde Slide Swirl Soap Challenge

This is the second soap challenge I have entered. It is put on monthly by Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks.

The challenge was to conquer The Clyde Slide swirl with feathering. This technique was created by Clyde Yoshida of Vibrant Soaps. The procedure looks easy enough to do, but is difficult to achieve with the feathering inside.

Amy said the key to this swirl was thin trace – I am the queen of super thin trace, so I figured I got this – piece of cake!! I planned on making 4 batches, as I was out of Lavender and wanted two kinds and I had some new fall fragrances to try for the other two.

My 1st, 3rd, & 4th batches were super thin – to the point that when I cut them, one looked like mud (fortunately as it’s been curing the other colors have come out). The other two had absolutely no feathers, in spite of me following the directions to the letter. Grr….

The 2nd batch was the one I thought I screwed up. Half of the fragrance oil I used was a bit old and the batter got much thicker than the others. I figured this one was doomed….and it turned out to be the one that worked!!

This is my 2nd batch & the one I submitted in the challenge –

Lavender & Herb soap:


Lavender & Herb Soap in Clyde Slide Swirl

I used 5 colors: BB (Brambleberry) Green Oxide with black, Titanium Oxide white, TKB (TKB Trading) EZB Lakeside green, TKB Magic Violet, TKB The Fox purple with black. Plus mica oils for the top: BB Vivacious Violet & BB Snow Flake Silver Mica:


All my colors mixed up plus 2 mica oils for the top

The soap batter all ready to be poured:



Equal amounts of soap batter ready to be poured

A faux funnel pour in the pot and then into the loaf mold.


Soap poured into the pot using a faux funnel pour

I swirled the top with Vivacious Violet & Snow Flake Silver mica oils.


Top of soap loaf swirled with BB Vivacious Violet & BB Snow Flake Silver Mica oils:

The resulting soaps:


Lavender & Herb Soap in Clyde Slide

Do you see the Owl reflected in the soaps?


Owls in soap? Two live owls have been pestering me this week – sitting on my roof and hooting all night!! Now they are appearing in my soap!

Another view of the feathering:


An alternate view of the feathering


Here are the other batches I made:

I made a 5th batch because I really wanted to get the Clyde Slide right and not just by accident. I was determined to get my batter to the correct consistency. And of course, I over blended it and it was the thickest of them all. But it actually had consistent feathering in every single bar!

This is the Juniper & Green Tea soap. The colors were not what I had envisioned and the feathering was not as pronounced, which is why I submitted the other soap.

The colors I used were: BA (Bulk Apothecary) Lavender with leftover dark purple, TKB #30 Christmas red, CC (Crafters Choice) Yellow Locking mica, TKB chromium oxide dark green, and TKB Neon soft pink.


Juniper Green Tea top with a sprinkle of iridescent glitter


Juniper & Green Tea in Clyde Slide



This is the 1st batch I made – Lavender Green Tea  and I felt like I really nailed it!! But the inside said otherwise, as it turned out a bit muddy and no feathering.

I split the batch in five equal parts and the colors I used are some of my favorite: TKB The Fox (purple) with black, TKB Magic Violet, BB Radiant plum, BB Aqua Pearl Mica, and Titanium Dioxide white. And I topped it off with BB Vivacious Violet Mica & BB Snow Flake silver mica oils.

Wow, if only the inside looked like the top!


Top of Lavender Green Tea with BB Vivacious Violet Mica Purple & BB Snow Flake silver mica oil

Lavender Green Tea:

I used a crinkle cutter on half of my soaps, to give it some depth, but now that it’s been curing for a week, the colors are starting to pop:



Next is batch #4, again with no feathering. This is a new fall scent by Branbleberry – Rustic Woods & Rum – and smells totally awesome! Of course this scent has vanilla, so I picked colors to work with the discoloring.

The colors used were recommended for this fragrance: BB Cappuccino mica (with fo); BB Merlot mica (fo & vanilla stabilizer); BB Ultramarine blue (fo & stab); TKB Chromium Oxide Green (no fo); BB Gold Sparkle mica (no fo) & topped with Cappuccino & Copper Mica oils.

Rustic Woods & Rum:

IMG_1768 IMG_2399


Batch #3 contained another new fall scent from Brambleberry: Warm Flannel, which smells surprisingly good.

To get along with the brown discoloring I used BB Cappuccino Mica (with 1/2 of the fo), BB Merlot mica (with fo & vanilla stabilizer), BB Indigo Blue & Ultramarine blue (fo & stabilizer), TKB #40 Christmas red, and TKB Gold Lame mica. I used an equal amount of batter with each color, but is seems like a lot of the gold & blue got eaten up by the reds.

I did try cutting a piece of soap horizontally, as one soaper recommended to get feathers, but it was all lines and unattractive. At least it smells good!

Warm Flannel:



This challenge was more than I had bargained for, as you can see with all the efforts I made…it definitely was very challenging.
A record 184 soapers signed up and of those, 95 entered their soaps. Two tied for 3rd & two tied for 4th place….I finished next – in 5th place. I am very pleased, as it was a tough challenge.

18 comments on “September 2015 Clyde Slide Swirl Soap Challenge

  1. Cris Bean says:

    Agree you got some great feathers in the Lavender & Herb soap! and the top is amazing as well!


  2. Penny Foust says:

    You did get some great feathering in this soap


  3. April says:

    I think many of us got more than we bargained for in this challenge! But what fun!!! You’re soaps are wonderful. I especially love the yellow in the second one up there, that’s an impressive yellow and what I was hoping for in my soap but I didn’t have that color. Now I know what to look for 🙂


  4. Bubbles And Squeak Soap says:

    Awesome feathering!! This was a hard challenge – very challenging! Especially when Clyde makes it look super easy!!


  5. soapsbysly says:

    Thank you so much!!
    None of my soaps turned out the way I envisioned, but that happens sometimes!!


  6. Amy Warden says:

    Ok, so maybe it’s possible to have your soap batter TOO thin. I maybe overstated that a little bit. However, I love your entry soap!! The 5th one is pretty stellar as well. Thank you for sharing all your attempts and what you learned from each one – it’s very helpful!! 🙂


    • soapsbysly says:

      No, no overstating!!!
      It’s just so subjective…
      I just used a new scent that came out that says “mild acceleration.” I just don’t have enough experience to know how mild that is!! So I try to expect anything.

      Thank you so much for you kind words.
      And thank you for putting on all these Challenges every month – I’m sure it’s a Lot of work and I know that we all appreciate your efforts.


  7. needlefingers says:

    Beautiful soaps! The Lavender & Herb has my favorite colors.


  8. Ann Rein says:

    Loved your lavender and herb best. Can I say I don’t care for the crinkle cut on this pattern? It’s already busy, the crinkles muddy the feathers. But that’s just me. Love them all!


    • soapsbysly says:

      Thank you Ann!
      And thanks so much for the honest input…I totally agree with you on the crinkle cut – it does that sometimes.
      I did it on the Lavender Green Tea because when I first cut it, it was all a blob, with no distinction of colors…Finally, after almost 2 weeks, all the colors are starting to come out, so I regret the crinkling now. I guess I should have waited longer to see what would develop! (I’m not very patient!)


  9. Vicki says:

    Love the feathering you got on your entry – really pretty (and great colours too!)


  10. Debbie says:

    You chose the right one to enter, Sly! It’s lovely. Funny how we accidentally get it right sometimes ….!


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