Holiday Soap-a-Thon Day, Part 2 – Orange Gingerbread Soap

The next soap I made on my Holiday Soap-a-thon day was an Orange Gingerbread in a 3 lb log mold, using the same recipe as the Pumpkin Pie. (See previous Blog).

I was going to layer brown, red, & orange, but the soap was a very light trace and after stick blending several times, it was still too thin. I put 2 oz of BB Gingersnap FO in the brown & red colors (2/3 FO in the brown & 1/3 in the red) and 1 oz of BB 10X Orange EO in the yellow/orange color. Then I poured the brown, drop swirled in the red & orange, and hanger swirled it to death (which fortunately didn’t happen – but I was a bit worried that I had over done it.)

I tried to frost it with the frosting I made for my Pumpkin Pie soap. But it just sank into the soap, so I had to wait a bit for the top to firm up. After frosting, I added a clear MP drizzle, colored with BB Copper Sparkle mica.


Frosting top & MP drizzle on Orange Gingerbread saop

I put this soap in the freezer for a day, then the fridge for another, so that the heat of gelling would not melt the MP drizzle on top.

I think the design & swirls turned out really beautiful. But it is a bit dark & muted and I miss the brightness I get from gelling my soaps.


Orange Gingerbread Soap

There is a small crack in the middle of a few bars. I have never had that happen before, so I’m not sure what caused it. I know it can happen if a soap gets too hot during gel, but that was not the case here being in the freezer.


Orange Gingerbread Soap

Below you can see the soap 11 days later:

The red is darkening from the FO, and some of the brown has turned almost black.

I’m not fond of the point where the frosting meets the soap, as it looks like it’s pulling away in some spots.


Orange Gingerbread curing & changing

3 weeks later:


The soap is just as dark as before – and a lot of the red color is lost, but using better lighting and back ground helps it look brighter.

In hindsight, I would make this soap again, but skip the frosting top, as I don’t feel like it really added anything. I would also add some Vanilla Stabilizer in the red and/or decrease the FO in the red, as I think the colors make it pop more.

Next Blog: Part 3 – Mocha Latte Goat’s Milk Soap.

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