Holiday Soap-a-Thon Day Part 3 – Mocha Latte Goat’s Milk Soap & Master Batching Oils

On to my 3rd and final batch for the day: a Mocha Latte Goat’s Milk soap with a frosting top.

While making my other two holiday soaps I paused and put some Goat’s Milk in a zip-lock freezer bag & popped it into our chest freezer – which is super cold.

Surprisingly, I had never made Goat’s Milk soap before. (I’ve used homemade wine & beer, cream, and coconut milk). I don’t really care for the smell of goat’s milk and never really saw what the big deal was. But it seems like I had been hearing about it over & over lately and people were asking for it, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I was happy that I didn’t have any issues with the soap itself. This time I used my 3 lb Tall mold, as I thought it would abstractly represent a cup of latte. I used a combo of scents that I had just a bit of: 1 oz BB Turkish Mocha; 1.5 oz ED (Essential Depot) Cafe Mocha; and .5 oz ED Coffee Bean.

A couple months ago I had Master batched 500 oz of oils (31.25 lb; enough for 45 lbs of soap) and I used 32 oz of this for the soap.

My Recipe:
5%        Apricot Kernel Oil
10%      Avocado Oil
10%      Canola Oil
5%        Castor Oil
5%        Cocoa Butter
25%      Coconut Oil
5%        Grape seed Oil
5%        Olive Oil
20%      Palm Oil
5%        Palm Kernel Flakes
5%        Organic Shea Butter
Oat Extract
5%        Lye

I really love using master batched oils and may go for master batching lye in the future. I have spent so much time measuring out all my oils for each soap, but only doing it once and storing it in a 35 lb bucket is great.

I put a heating belt around the pail a couple hours before soaping. It heats the oils to 90-100 degrees; I just stir with a long stick and ladle it out.

We had a belt for making wine, but it died, so I ordered this one from Amazon, as it seemed like the strongest one:
Home Brew Heating Belt Heat Pad for Wine Beer Spirit Pail 110V 80W

Warning! The first time I used it, I had my tub of oils on the floor in the basement, on a scrap piece of linoleum, covered up with a blanket. Fortunately I checked on it before bed time (as I thought I would need to heat it all night.) The bottom rim of the pail had melted, as well as the linoleum! I could have set the house on fire. (Our old heating belt was really wimpy compared to this one!)

On to soaping… I split my batter: TD and some fine coffee grounds in one half and Brown mica coloring in the other. I added all the FO’s in the brown batter, then poured the white into it, doing a simple ITP swirl, then put it all into my mold. Easy-peazy!

I almost swirled the top, then remembered I was going to frost it; a little voice said go ahead and swirl it anyway, but I just thought that was dumb…I was the dumb one to not listen (more on that later!)

The soap itself is a bit crumbly on the bottom…I eye-balled the Sodium Lactate and may have put in too much, so that’s probably the cause.

But by now my frosting soap (used for my two previous batches of soap that day) had gotten really stiff, so I had to whip it up several times. Once again, when I tried adding the frosting, it just sank into the soap, so I waited for my soap to get stiffer. I re-whipped the frosting, spritzed alcohol on top, frosted, liberally sprinkled coffee grounds over it, and then popped it in the freezer for 2 days.

In hindsight, I’m not happy with my frosting abilities on all three of these soaps and need to work on that. I realized I should have applied the frosting more in a circular swirl, instead of lots of little peeks, which are sharp and easily break off.

IMG_1962When it came time to cut my soap, the whole frosting top came off in one big chunk!! What to do with a foot long 2 inch tall frosting with lots of coffee grounds in it?

Guess I should have swirled my soap top!

Here’s the soap right after cutting:


Mocha Latte Goat’s Milk Soap

I like the simple pattern of this soap and it looks like it has a bit of foam on the top.

IMG_2253Here’s what it looks like a few days later:



IMG_2704    IMG_2739


Back side of the loft end

It smells like really rich chocolate – the coffee scent has dissipated completely. I hope it comes back a bit, but I knew I was taking a chance using scents from ED that I was unfamiliar with.

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