Apple Cider Spice (Wassail) Soap

For my Apple Cider Spice (Wassail) soap, I used the last 35 ounces of my Red Palm oil batch (see September 23rd Blog on Red Palm Oil for more info.)

My 3 lb Tall mold would be an abstract representation of a cup of cider, using BB Wassail FO in the soap.

This was the first time I had used this scent. Here is a description of it: With notes of Tangerine, Juicy Apple, & Orange Zest mixing with Spiced Punch (Fresh Ginger, Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg and Clove Bud) and a touch of sweetness with some Vanilla Musk. Similar to Feliz Navidad, but fruitier; a spiced apple cider scent. 4.4% Vanilla.

The FO discolors brown and accelerates trace, so I mixed up all my colors in the batter first:
17 oz with CC Brown sparkle mica
12 oz with BB Electric Bubblegum & BB Merlot mica (for a Christmas red)
12 oz with TKB Blaze orange
8 oz TD – with the dark red oils, this gave me a nice yellow

I then put all the fragrance in the brown – using 2 oz instead of 3, as it was reported as very strong (and it really took over the room for several days.) I poured the brown into the mold, drop swirled the colors, and did a hanger swirl. Then I swirled the top with leftover soaps.

I didn’t experience much acceleration, but then I didn’t really wait around to find out either, as I moved quickly, so I had no issues.


Top after swirling


Un-molded Loaf


Bottom of un-molded loaf – lots of nice color coming through.


I took several days for the brown to get a really deep color




The swirls are even more detailed than you can see in the photos

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