Mint Chocolate Chip Goats Milk Soap in Mantra Marble Swirl

I put my 9-bar mold to use again, making 6 bars of Mint Chocolate Chip Goat’s Milk soap using the Mantra Marbles swirl I learned in the August soap challenge (see Sept. 14th Blog). I utilized Master batched oils (Sept. 27th Blog) and Goats Milk, which behaved beautifully.

Here are my notes on BB Mint Chocolate Chip FO: Discolors dark brown; 8% Vanilla. Cane sugar, whipped cream, chocolate truffle, creme de menthe, peppermint candy, vanilla brulee, tonka been, musk, butterscotch; smells like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream tastes.

I added 2 oz of FO to half the soap and colored it with brown mica. I split the rest of the batter into two squeeze bottles: one with TD, the other with a mix of colors to try to get a mint green.

I had sectioned off my mold with 1.5 inches on either side for my solid color (brown), with 3 inches for my colored area in the middle. I then drew lines with squeeze bottles of white & Aqua green batter, until filling up the middle; alternating with adding brown in the outer sections to prevent the soap in the middle from leaking out.

I ended up with about 6 oz of brown batter leftover. This has happened to me before, and I now realized I need to weigh out my batter for more precise measurements, rather than using the volume calculations on my containers. I also need to take into account the soap in the squeeze bottles that goes unused (being stuck in the bottle) and add an extra ounce to each.

After removing the dividers, I swirled figure 8’s, trying to pull some of the brown into the middle, and the colors into the brown. Since I wasn’t making this for a soap challenge, I swirled it a second time. I like this modified technique better, as it gets more of the colors mixed together. (I purposely pulled the soap over in one corner, just to see what the bar would look like – see first photo, top left.)


Mint Chocolate Chip with Mantra Marbles Swirl – in the mold after removing the dividers and swirling.

I put this to bed and a couple hours later realized I should have put the soap in the freezer to prevent it from heating up – Oops! When I felt it, it was really warm, but I took a chance and just left it. I really hate the look of a circle in the soap from partial gel. Fortunately, it all turned out okay.

This is what the bottom looked like after un-molding (I like the fun design):


Bottom of un-molded soap.

Even though I had equal sections of brown & colors, when swirling, the brown seems to move more into the colored areas, so it’s no longer half & half. Next time I will make the colored section a bit bigger to compensate.


Mint Chocolate Chip with Mantra Marbles Swirl

The vanilla in the BB Mint Chocolate Chip FO has turned the brown to almost black. And it really does smell like the ice-cream tastes – it makes my mouth water.


The bar in the forefront is the one on the top left corner of the first photo – a fun & different look.

In hindsight, this scent discolors so darkly that next time I will skip coloring half of it.

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