Almond Biscotti Goats Milk Soap

For my Almond Biscotti Goats Milk Soap, I used 40 oz of my Master Batch oils and 3 oz of BB Almond Biscotti FO in a 3 lb log mold. The notes I have for the FO say that it discolor a dark brown; smells of almonds, cake flour, chocolate; and has 3.75% Vanilla content.

Soap, colors, & FO used:
24 oz brown base with all the FO (CC Brown sparkle mica)
11 oz red (BB Electric Bubblegum & BB Merlot mica – for a Christmas red)
11 oz green (BB Hydrated Chrome green/teal & BB Chrome Oxide – for a Christmas green)
11 oz white (TD)
Gold Sparkle, Silver, and Merlot Mica oil on top

I poured my brown soap, then drop swirled all my other colors. I hanger swirled horizontally, then vertically and topped it off with rows of leftover soap & mica oils – swirling them all several times.


Top before putting to bed


Close-up of swirls on top


Bottom of un-molded loaf – lots of color coming through

I think the swirls inside are amazing! They look like flowers. At first my red turned to pink, but it’s slowly getting darker. My green is not the Christmas green shade I was hoping for – it’s a weird green, but again, as it cures it seems to be darkening a bit. There are lots of TD streaks throughout the soap – even though I poured the TD oil through a strainer – it didn’t seem to help this time.


I steamed the tops and sides to brighten the colors and it has diminished the TD streaking, as well as darkened the red – and the green looks better now too.


Almond Biscotti Goats Milk Soap – after steaming they look this shinny.



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