Cranberry Chutney Chai Goat’s Milk

This is my 3rd time making Chai Tea soap for the holidays.

The photo on the left is the soap in 2013, using a silicone brownie pan. The photo on the right is the 2014 version, using a square soaping pan:

IMG_5703 IMG_4146

In 2014 I got the bottom layers/colors reversed, producing less contrast with the top colors, but I like the crisp, clean dark look on the bottom and I attempted to do the same for 2015.

This time I used a 9-bar horizontal mold with dividers. I knew using the dividers would alter the appearance a bit, and the bars would be slimmer, taller & fatter.

I also revised the scent: instead of a straight Chai Tea I did a 3:4 mix of Cranberry Chutney and Chia tea.

I used 40 oz of my Master batched oils (See Sept 27th blog) and 12 oz of frozen Goat’s Milk.

Here was the plan:
17 oz brown – bottom layer with 2 oz Chai tea FO
17 oz BB Yellow Oxide & CC Yellow Locking Mica – middle layer with 1.5 oz Cranberry chutney
8 oz TD white – top layer (no FO)
7 oz TKB #30 True red – top layer (no FO)
7 oz BB Hydrated Chrome green/teal & BB Chrome Oxide, for a Christmas green – top layer (no FO)


Colors: BB Yellow oxide & CC Yellow Locking mica, CC Brown Sparkle mica, TKB #30 True Red, BB Hydrated chrome green & BB Green Chrome oxide, TD.

In the bottom layer of my 9-bar mold I poured 17 oz of brown with the Chai Tea Cybilla, which discolors dark brown; followed by 17 oz of yellow with Cranberry Chutney, which discolors yellow/beige.

For the top layer I poured stripes of white, red, & green, adding a little Vanilla Stabilizer to help prevent discolor bleed from the FO’s. A more precise way to do this would have been to use squirt bottles to make stripes….but I really hate the cleaning!

With all the soap poured, I did a zig-zag diagonally with a chop stick, then swirled loops; added the dividers, and put it to bed in the freezer for a day, then the fridge for another day before un-molding.


There is a whirly line down two parts of my mold and thought of swirling those out, but I liked them, so I left it that way.


With the dividers in, it made each bar more interesting and uniquely different.

After un-molding, the sides that did not have dividers on them looked like this. The photo on the left is taken just after un-molding. The photo on the right is the same bar, 1 week later. (I steamed the one on the right, which brighten up the colors too.)




This is the other side of the same bar, where the dividers were inserted, which caused the colors to be pulled down on top of the other layers.


The whole batch, 1 week after un-molding, trimming, & steaming.

Each bar turned out uniquely different:




I did not take good notes in 2014, but I may have used more of a white base layer, with the red & green swirled on top, where in this batch I used equal amounts of red, green, & white. I like the whiter base of 2014, but I love the more intricate swirls of this new batch.

I’m still unsure of which sides I like better: the crisp, clean lines of different layers or the top colors & design pulled over the sides.

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