Santa’s Sleigh Ride

I’m down to the last couple batches of Christmas soap I made, starting with Santa’s Sleigh Ride: a combo of Santa Spruce and Sleigh Ride FO’s. They both discolor, and I was tired of making brown soap, so I put half of the scent in black and did a drop swirl with white, blue, green, and 2 different reds. (I didn’t put any FO’s in the white or one of the reds and hoped the other colors don’t morph much).

I had just enough BB Santa’s Spruce FO (.9 oz) and BB Sleigh Ride (1.8 oz) to make a 3 lb batch of soap.

SS (Santa’s Spruce) Notes: May discolor yellow/ orange/brown; no A & R. 1.1% Vanilla. Blend of blue spruce & sugar.

SR (Sleigh Ride): Notes: Discolors tan, no A & R. .73% Vanilla. Smells of orange, apple, peppermint, cloves.

Here was my plan of soaps, colors, & FO:
12 oz BB Activated Charcoal black, with 1 oz SS & .5 oz SR
9 oz BB Hydrated Chrome green/teal & BB Chrome Oxide, for a Christmas green with .5 oz SR
9 oz blue (leftover mix) with .5 SR
9 oz Christmas Red: BB Electric Bubblegum & Merlot mica, with .5 oz SR
9 oz TKB #30 true Red, no fo
9 oz White TD, no fo

I poured 3/4 of the black, drop swirled the colors; then drop swirled the rest of the black & colors. I did a hanger swirl horizontally, then vertically, as I liked the look of this in a previous soap…..I think I’ll call this the “Sly Slide Swirl!”

I added the leftover colors on top, swirled and then sprinkled fine iridescent glitter.


Santa’s Sleigh Ride – a combo of Santa’s Spruce and Sleigh Ride FO’s. Top after pouring & swirling; before adding fine iridescent glitter.


Bottom after un-molding – a nice, rich black with some colors coming through. As usual, I wasn’t patient enough and nicked a couple corners (should have waited an extra day or two)

The colors were a bit muted, so I steamed the tops and sides, which really made them pop.



I love the intricate details of the colors and swirls.


The soap on the bottom has a bit of a black & white yin-yang sign in it.


The black really behaved well in this soap. I hesitate to use much black, as in the past it has really smeared a lot when cutting. I’m not sure what is different this time – using sodium lactate, so the soap is harder when cut? I will definitely have to try more soaps with activated charcoal to see.






Coming soon: The Blog of my last batch of Christmas soap….

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