Honey Bunny Confetti Soap


Honey Bunny Confetti soap

I made extra batter with my previous soap, so that I would have some leftovers for a 1 lb Confetti soap, which I had never made before.

I have been trimming the edges of my soaps lately and have lots of leftovers to make this soap, using Honey Bunny FO from Natures Garden.

My notes on Honey Bunny FO: Very slight acceleration, no discolor, smells nice & strong; like LUSH “Honey I washed the Kids.” A honey scent with toffee notes.

I miss-judged the amount of batter I needed, so I think it has way too much confetti. I used a leftover heart tube and blue star pieces inside, plus some extra unscented red, orange, & yellow on top to try to make up the difference; sadly the colors don’t work too well together. I dusted the top with gold sparkle mica.

Top after pour, with a sprinkle of gold sparkle mica:



Bottom after un-molding. I was surprised by how colorful the soap was, as it felt like I added too many brown scraps.


Sadly the FO has discolored to a beige. In hind sight, I should have put some TD in the batter.

IMG_2975I had 10 oz of soap batter and I used 6 oz of soap shavings. Next time I will use TD in 18 oz of batter and 4 oz or less of soap shavings, as my 1 lb mold really holds 22 oz.

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