Melt & Pour Honey Glycerin Soap

Just in time for Halloween – Pumpkin 3D Glycerin soaps!

They are all made with detergent free Honey Glycerin soap.

The Orange “Spooked” soaps are scented with BB (Brambleberry) Orange Spice Cybilla. I had a sample of it, which is a combo of Sweet Orange, cinnamon & clove. It smells wonderful, but is discontinued and no longer available.

The Black “Spooky” soaps are scented with BB Pumpkin Soufflé, which discolors brown and is a mix of walnut, pecan, and espresso; fresh cooked pumpkin and caramel; and ginger, cinnamon and all spice.

I used a Nite Glow Powder from TKB Trading, so all the faces glow in the dark. The white ones glow more then orange face, which has a fainter glow. I used more powder (mixed with liquid glycerin) in the yellow faces, so they would permeate the yellow and they glow as well as the white ones. That trick didn’t work on the orange face.

The colors used were liquid colorant for MP from BB.



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