Pink Himalayan Salt Bars – Triple Batch


Lemon Kumquat; Orange Pineapple Grapefruit; & Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus Pink Himalayan Salt Bars.

I made a triple batch of Pink Himalayan Salt Bars – with 3 different scent blends. I divided my batter, using 45+ oz for each combo, and 2 cups of fine Pink Himalayan salt in each (6 cups total).

I have experimented quite a bit with different salts and quantities, and this amount works the best for me. I know several soaping blogs advocate using more salt, but I have found the soap doesn’t hold together as well. Also, the feedback I get from the straight Pink Himalayan salt is that it is a miracle worker: getting rid of psoriasis, hives, white heads, dry flaky skin, etc.

I make all my salt bars so that I don’t have to cut them and the blue individual molds I use from Brambleberry make it very easy to get them out of the mold. The round & rectangular ones are the best, as they are thin & very flexible. The blue oval mold is very stiff and take a week to un-mold. But all of them look lovely, with mostly smooth edges. (Big mistake when I tried heavy-duty molds: I broke half my molds and it took over 2 weeks to get the salt bars out.)

Making 3 batches of soap together, I have found that I don’t have a lot of time to do anything really fancy. I start with my soap just at emulsified and split it into all the containers I need, coloring each, scenting, then adding the salt to the batch I am ready to pour.

1st Batch:

Lemon Kumquat Pink Himalayan Salt bars:

I had made a Lemon Orange that was a big hit, so I switched it up a bit to a Lemon Kumquat, using the 12 bar rectangular mold.

I cut 12 pieces of thin paper-board, put tape all around them, then placed each diagonally across the mold for a two-color look.

I split my first batch of batter in half, adding 1 oz of BB Sweet Meyer Lemon FO with 1 oz of BB Earl Grey Lemon Tea FO and BB Lemon Yellow LabColor to one half. The second half was colored with BB Melon Red LabColor and scented with 2 oz of Kumquat FO.

In the past, I had been using SM Lemon with Lemon Drop FO and no matter how much yellow I used, it would not overcome the tan discolor; so the mix with EG Lemon Tea has helped – it’s water white & off-set some of the discolor. I forget that the EG Lemon Tea accelerates and rices a bit, and that half did set up quite a bit faster than the Kumquat.


Lemon Kumquat Pink Himalayan Salt bars in 12-bar rectangular mold. You can see in this photo that the yellow half is thicker than the melon color, due to the acceleration of Earl Grey Lemon Tea FO.


Lemon Kumquat Pink Himalayan Salt bars out of the mold – I was very surprised at how much the Melon color faded.


For a bit of variety, I sprinkled course PH Salt on top.

This was the first time I used BB Melon Red LabColor and I obviously need to use a Lot more next time!

2nd Batch:

Rosemary Lavender Eucalyptus Pink Himalayan Salt bars:

This is a FO combo I haven’t tried before: 2:1:2 of Rosemary, Lavender, & Eucalyptus essential oils.

I split the batch in thirds; adding 5+ oz of salt (by volume) to each, with one EO in each. The LabColors I used were: Fuchsia (with the Rosemary); Lavender (with Lavender eo); and Eucalyptus mist green (with Eucalyptus).

I poured lines of soap into a 9-bar mold, then swirled them with a chop stick. The leftover soap was layered into round molds.

I find LabColors a bit tricky and I usually use too much. I couldn’t get a good green so I used more than I really needed. In hindsight, I think the original pale green would have been better. I did the same with the Fuchsia, although I think it turned out a lovely bright pink, and the Lavender became a dark purple. (The last time I used Lavender LabColor with the Pink Himalayan salt, it turned into more of a grayish-lavender color.)


Interestingly, this is how it looked in the 9-bar mold after pouring (a high Yuk factor!)


And (thankfully) this is how it looked the next day


Rosemary Lavender Eucalyptus Pink Himalayan Salt bars out of the mold 1 week later. Sadly, the colors faded some.

IMG_3337IMG_3440  IMG_3428

Third Soap:

Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit Pink Himalayan Salt bars:

I’ve been having some issues with my Oval Mold – it is really stiff and difficult to get the salt bars out without damaging the sides & bottom edges, so I saved this batch for last, as it would be the stiffest batter.

I again divided the soap into thirds, using about 5+ oz of salt in each, with different scents in each too. I used .5 oz BB Orange Valencia and .75 oz BB 10X Orange with Orange LabColor; 1+ oz BB Pineapple Cilantro FO with Canary Yellow LabColor; and 2 oz NG Ruby Red Grapefruit FO (as it tends to be a light scent) with Fuchsia LabColor.

I layered each bar: 4 bars with a bottom layer of Orange; then a middle layer of Fuchsia to those, plus 4 bars of Fuchsia for a bottom layer; then a top layer of yellow to the first four bars, a middle layer of yellow to the next four bars, and a bottom layer of yellow to the last four. And continued to fill them in accordingly.


So in the end they looked like this in the mold


Orange Pineapple Grapefruit Pink Himalayan Salt bars un-molded

IMG_3368  IMG_3366

Here is the recipe I used:
Recipe: (100 oz oils; 144 oz/ 9 lbs)
5%         Avocado Oil          5 oz        142 grams
5%         Castor Oil              5 oz        142 grams
70%       Coconut Oil         70 oz     1984 grams
10%       Palm Oil               10 oz        284 grams
5%         Rice Bran              .3 oz        142 grams
5%         Shea Butter           5 oz        142 grams (used leftover oils)
10% SF  Lye               14.873 oz         422 grams
3 oz disc Water & Aloe (1:1) 30 oz    850 grams

Sodium Lactate                2 TBSP        28+ grams (into Lye water at 130 degrees/less)
Oat Extract                       1 oz              28 grams (IN OILS)
Pink Himalayan Salt        6 cups (by volume)

The next time I make this, I think I will go back to my usual 28 oz of liquid, as these bars took quite a while to come out of the mold. (I used the extra liquid to keep them more fluid longer. But using LabColors adds extra liquid to the soaps too.)

The soaps in round & rectangular molds popped out in 1-2 days. I waited 1 week to remove soaps from the oval molds, and they came out great – all except the ones I tried to get out earlier, due to my impatience.  I was able to pop out the slab of soaps from the 9-bar mold in 1 day, but I need to work on when to get the soaps off the dividers. I waited a week, and they broke off very crumbly and those sides look really rough. Next time I will try to get them off the first day, even though they are very soft.

I usually do not add Sodium Lactate to salt bars, as they seem to be pretty hard on their own, but tried it this time to see if they would un-mold better and without so many edges damaged. However, it seemed to make no difference at all.


I look back on these and see how terribly “rustic” they are. But with practice comes more experience and lots of improvement.

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4 comments on “Pink Himalayan Salt Bars – Triple Batch

  1. Sly,

    Thank you fo pointing me in the direction of your blog! I have a hard time keeping up with soap blogs but I need to change this! I’m going to subscribe so I know when you post new stuff 😊

    Anywho, about these salt bars! I have been planning and plotting a salt bar recipe and I am finding this very helpful. I also didn’t realize the salt could be that helpful with my itchy problematic scalp. I do have a small portion of pink Himalayan sea salt on hand (a pound or so maybe?). I also have nearly FORTY pounds of dead sea salt, that I no longer need for a private label client. DSS is so mineral rich, dp you think I could get close results? I really need to use up this salt! It was always my plan to make a liquid soap for my hair and scalp so I could try and tweek the ph. I’ll have to play around with a salt bar recipe as well as trying to find ways to incorporate that much salt into a liquid or cream soap product. My previous soleseife bars do only have small amounts of salt, so I need to make new soap! I’m always looking for a reason to make more soap 😅Thanks for your help! I will let you know of any progress I make.


    • soapsbysly says:

      I really don’t know how a Pink Himalayan salt soap would work on hair, but I know it really helps with skin issues like psoriasis & eczema. Dead sea salt is also supposed to help with psoriasis – BUT BE WARNED – If you use dead sea salt in soap it will not soponify and you will not get soap…speaking from personal experience. (I have seen Dead Sea Salt soap advertised, but they only used 5%, so in small quantities, it sounds like you can get away with it.) I think the reason why home-made Salt bars work so well is that they have SO much salt in them.

      I have been making and using shampoo bars for almost 4 years now, and it really leaves my hair shinny and full. I use half water & half Aloe liquid when making them…aloe is supposed to be healing, and soothing on the skin, so that might help your scalp too. You could check into adding extracts that may help (Bramble Berry has a lot to choose from) and see which ones are more specific for your issues (Aloe, Buckthorn, Mallow, Oat. I always use Nettle extract in shampoo bars, as it’s anti-inflammatory, helps against dandruff & frizziness).

      Good Luck! Let me know the outcome!



      • Yes, it was you and my comment worked! I just never saw the reply! I am hoping I successfully subscribed to your blog now! Thanks for this information! I’ve given up on a soap based shampoo, and when I have extra funds and time plan to try a sulfate free shampoo with some surfactants. Thanks again!


      • soapsbysly says:

        Thank you for subscribing to my blog – I hope you enjoy it.
        I love shampoo bars and have been using them for 4 years – it’s one of the first things I tried making.
        I find the Point of Interest blog very helpful too:
        Best, Sly


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