Snow Flake & Ornament Glycerin Soaps

I’m in the Christmas spirit, wrapping gifts for holiday parties, friends, & family. And planning hostess gifts too.

I ordered a snowflake mold from Amazon at the end of October, thinking of using it for CP soap, but it took 5 weeks to get it. Turns out it was shipped from China.

So I  utilized it for MP and I love the look of this soap! I tried several fragrances, each individually: BB Fresh Snow FO, Peppermint eo, and Grapefruit Lilly, plus some unscented. And dusted them all with BB snow flake sparkle mica.

I used Low Sweat Detergent Free Glycerin from Whole Sale Plus: Baby Buttermilk, Coconut Milk, Shea Butter, and Goat’s Milk.


Fresh Snow and Grapefruit Lilly snow-flake soap dusted with snowflake sparkle mica.

They are really fat and look bigger than the 3.6-3.8 oz that they are.










I packaged up my last batch and then I remembered to take some photos!






Peppermint 2nd distill eo Goat’s Milk soap with snowflake sparkle mica.

Then I made some 3D Ornament soaps with a decorative rope (with matching snow flake soap) for hostess gifts. These guys were a pain, as I could never make them without a big divot on top – which I then had to carefully try to fill in with more soap.

I used Low Sweat Detergent Free Suspension Glycerine soap from Whole Sale Plus. I had never used the suspension soap before and I found that I had to soap at much higher temperatures: 150 degrees (in stead of the usual 130 or less).

I got these molds from BB and the description says they hold 4.75 oz of soap. Wrong! Including the rope, they weigh 7 oz. A hefty bar of soap on a rope!


Green: Jasmine Breeze; Blue: Fresh Snow; Red: Peppermint 2nd distill eo (smells like candy cane)

Happy Soaping!

Joyful Holidays!!


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