Soaping Calendar

I’m in print! Well, at least my soaps are!

Four of my soap pictures were chosen for a 2016 calendar put out by Mystic Mountain Sage Co. ( To go directly to the calendar, see:

I know, these are photos of photos of photos – so not the greatest quality – but hey, they’re on a calendar!!

If you want to see the original images, check out my September 17, 2015 Blog Post – Calendar Pics.


I’m thrilled that these soaps are pictured right around Valentines day.




Those berries look scrumptious enough to eat!




I thought this would be nice in fall, but hey, anytime is a good time for a Mocha Latte…and it’s right around my birthday, so even better!


I feel so fortunate to have these soaps displayed on Christmas week:


This soap made it to 5th place in my very first soap challenge contest in August 2015. (See the September 14, 2015 blog for more details.)


Have a Happy 2016 Soaping Year!!

4 comments on “Soaping Calendar

  1. April says:

    They’re FABULOUS Sly ❤ I'll have the calendar in a couple days and I'm excited to see your soaps and all the others too 🙂


  2. April says:

    No, not this year. I didn’t submit anything because I’m still learning and honestly haven’t focused on pretty quite yet, focused more on function and quality still. I’m getting there. Perhaps in the future 🙂


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