Amber Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

No, it’s not Christmas deja vu…this soap is a special order. It is a very nice fragrance blend that, like pumpkin, gets overlooked for most of the year.


I used 42 oz of my master batch oils #2 formula:
5%        Apricot Kernel Oil
10%      Avocado Oil
5%        Castor Oil
5%        Cocoa Butter
25%      Coconut Oil
5%        Grape seed Oil
20%      Palm Oil
5%        Palm Kernel Flakes
5%        Rice Bran Oil
5%        Refined Shea Butter
10%      Soybean Oil
1%        Green Tea Extract
5.949 oz/169 grams – Lye (5% superfat)
12.3 oz/350 grams – Distilled Water (slight discount)
16 grams – Sodium Lactate (1 tsp/lb oils)

This made 60 oz of batter. I poured off 8 oz and used 52 oz with my 3 lb silicone mold for this project. (I frequently make extra soap batter to try new scents, molds, & techniques.)

I planned my color pallet to take into account discoloring (and slight acceleration) from the fo’s. I measured out 1.5 oz of BB Amber and 1.5 oz BB Frankincense & Myrrh Cybilla. (You can see the natural discolor of this scent combo in my Oct 17, 2015 – Gold Frankincense & Myrrh Blog).

Why Black? Activated charcoal seems to be the new thing. A colleague showed me an ad for AC soap and they wanted $15 a bar. It is good for your skin, and if it’s in, then maybe people will find black soap more appealing. (I’m hoping, as it’s a nice color to work with.)

Activated Charcoal is said to draw bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. It also is said to reduce inflammation, which is significant in preventing premature aging.

Back to soaping:


Soap ready to pour: CC Yellow Locking mica, BB Celine Red mica (will morph to orange), TKB #30 Lake True Red, BB Cappuccino Brown mica, BB Activated Charcoal.

Color Pallet & fo mix:
20 oz black – BB Activated Charcoal –  1 oz FM fo; 1 oz Amber fo
8 oz brown – BB Cappuccino Mica –  .5 oz FM fo; .5 oz Amber fo
8 oz yellow – CC Yellow Locking Mica – no fo
8 oz red – TKB #30 Lake – True Red – no fo
8 oz orange – BB Celine Red Mica (morphs to orange) – no fo

I stick blended to emulsification, and by the time I prepared each part with color & fo, the soap was at a very light trace. The brown batter got a bit thicker than the rest.

I poured all the black into the mold, then drop swirled the brown, yellow, red, orange. I then did a horizontal, followed by a vertical hanger swirl. I had done something similar in my Santa’s Sleigh Ride soap and really liked the results. (See Oct 12, 2015 Blog – Santa’s Sleigh Ride).


Top before swirling.

I then splattered the leftover colors and swirled the top with a chop stick.


Top of soap loaf after swirling.



Close up of a section of the soap top.

20 hours later, the soap easily came out of the mold.


The soap sliced nicely in my new soap slicer from Santa.

The Celine Red mica is morphing nicely to orange.


I’m surprised there isn’t more yellow. Instead of equal amounts of the four colors, I should have used more yellow to offset the red & orange, which are so close in color. The orange may still morph a bit and the brown may darken a little more too.


I love how the mirrored images look and that each bar is so different.

It’s interesting that there seems to be more of a vertical hanger swirl than the horizontal. I did about 8 horizontal hanger swirls and only 4 vertical swirls, yet they all seem to be just vertical. A very different result than I was expecting, but I really like that it looks like flames.


Extra Bits:
I used my left over batter to make a Heavenly Honeysuckle soap (left) and an Electric Lemonade soap (right), in Large Victorian Heart molds with soap shavings inside. I  wanted to try these scent samples plus I wanted to see how these soaps would look with the colored bits inside.

I also attempted to use the top of the mold of the first soap like an impression mat – pouring all red, then scraping off the extra, with yellow as the contrasting color behind it. It proved a bit difficult to do inside the mold. And as I poured the rest of the soap, it broke through the yellow and some of the red.

I randomly poured in my 3 colors of soap in the Electric Lemonade, and there is not much difference between the two – I even prefer the random one on the right.

I had just enough batter left to make an unscented Guest Victorian Heart soap:


I like having samples around for people that are afraid to try homemade soap or that have skin problems from cheap store bought soap (Pink Himalayan salt bars are a miracle worker for this). It’s wonderful when they get up the courage to use handmade soap and love it.


2 comments on “Amber Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

  1. April says:

    Gorgeous Sly 🙂 I really love how colorful your soaps are. Congrats on your new cutter! I need to find a couple little cute molds, your hearts are as pretty as your bars!!!


    • soapsbysly says:

      Thank you so much April!
      I really love using the large & guest Victorian Heart Molds – they are a good size to try different scents & colors and some people will only buy the hearts for gifts.
      I noticed that Brambleberry has a variety of 4 molds in one on their web specials this month – that might be worth checking out.


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