Mint Chocolate Chip Goat’s Milk Soap in Peacock impression mat

I had a request for a Mint Chocolate Chip Goat’s Milk soap, and only had 2 oz of the fo left, so I made a 2 lb batch with a drop swirl.

Used Master batch oils – #2: (See Amber Frankincense & Myrrh Blog, Jan 9 for recipe)
45 oz oils/ 1276 grams
6.374 oz/ 181 grams Lye
13 oz/ 369 grams Milk = 65 oz soap
28 grams Sodium Lactate

I poured off 33 oz to use later and kept 32 oz for this project. I then split my batter, adding all the fo to 16 oz, TD white to 8 oz, and BB Aqua Pearl Mica to another 8 oz.

I had a partial Cool Tools Peacock impression mat (leftovers from the previous batch. See Lemongrass Kumquat with Peacock Impression Mat Blog Feb 1) that fit perfectly into 3/4 of the 2 lb mold. I wanted to experiment with this impression mat and although not covering the whole bottom of the loaf wasn’t ideal, I figured it would give me an idea of the look on a loaf mold.


(Photographed after using – looks like it needs to be cleaned up a bit more.)

I arbitrarily poured the white & Aqua onto the bottom of the mold over the mat, then added all of the scented soap and drop swirled more white & Aqua batter; topping it off with another random pour of white and Aqua, then swirling the top with a chop stick.

I had thought of doing a hanger swirl, but it felt like it had been a while since I did a simple drop swirl. (I remember 2 years ago when I first tried to master the drop swirl from photos I’d seen…and now it’s simple.)


Top of soap in mold. The yellow will discolor to a dark brown.



Bottom after pealing off the impression mat.



Close up of bottom, which will now become the top.

I cut off the end piece lacking the mat impression design and used the swirled side as the top. The other 5 soaps have the impression mat design as the top. The yellow discolored nicely to a very dark brown (almost black).


The slice in front is the one without the impression mat design.


The drop swirl is a bit of a different look upside down, now that the bottom is the top.


Experimentation & Research:

The 33 oz I had poured off earlier were for testing. I wanted to try to duplicate the BB Mint Chocolate Chip fo, so I tried 3 different scent combos in 3 single bars:

4 ml NG Chocolate Chip Cookie
1 ml BB Peppermint distill #2 eo
1 ml BB Dark Chocolate

4 ml NG Chocolate Chip Cookie
.5 ml BB Peppermint distill #2 eo
2 ml BB Dark Chocolate

4 ml NG Chocolate Chip Cookie
1.5 ml BB Peppermint distill #2 eo
2 ml BB Dark Chocolate
2 ml BB Hazelnut Toffee

None of them came close, and I understood why when I read the blend of scents in the BB Mint Chocolate Chip FO: cane sugar, whipped cream, chocolate truffle, creme de menthe, peppermint candy, vanilla brulee, tonka been, musk, butterscotch.


Scent Combo #1. For the top, I filled two of the Celtic design areas with Aqua and two with TD white.

I also tried three different techniques for the tops.


Scent Combo #2 with a random pour of each color on top.

All three have a light dusting of BB Snowflake sparkle mica, which makes the colors pop.


Scent Combo #3, with Aqua color filling the impressions and white behind it. Some of the brown managed to poke through.

The three combos I attempted smell nice – especially #3 – which came the closest.

I also made a couple unscented soaps – the uncolored Goat’s Milk batter turned a cream color. I used BB Aqua mica and BB Radiant Plum for the other colors, and dusted them with BB Snowflake sparkle mica.

I then tried a unique blend that I had read about: 1:1 BB Pomegranate & Black Currant and BB Hazelnut Toffee fo. I don’t care for this scent combo, but I’m glad I tried it with 1 bar instead of a whole loaf. (You may get different results, as my Hazelnut Toffee has lost some of it’s top notes from a bit of age. If you try this blend, please let me know the outcome.)


The Hazelnut Toffee FO is starting to discolor brown on the sides – you can see a bit of that on the top of the bar, in the lower middle area. The silver sparkles are from a dusting of Snowflake mica.


I always enjoy experimenting with scent combos, colors, and techniques, making one of a kind soaps.



2 comments on “Mint Chocolate Chip Goat’s Milk Soap in Peacock impression mat

  1. April says:

    I love reading your blog ❤


  2. soapsbysly says:

    Thank you so much – you’re such a sweet heart!


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