Honey & Leather Soap with spin swirl top and chunky bits

Okay, I need to come up with a better name for this soap!

I had about 13 oz of the spin swirl soap slab from the rimmed soap challenge (see previous blog – March 19, 2016 Rimmed Soaps), plus another 9 oz of bits that were cut off and discarded, so I chopped up the bits and decide to use the slab for the top of this soap:


Placed on the bottom of the mold, to become the top of the soap

It was about 3/8 inch thick and I just plopped it back into the 9-bar mold (spritzing with alcohol before adding more soap on top).

I made up a small batch of soap (using 25 oz of oils from Master batch oils #2). I was trying to think of what scent would go with these colors and I realized that I had 2 oz of BB Honey & Leather FO that would work perfectly.

Here’s the description of the Honey & Leather: This warm and comforting scent is an intriguing blend featuring top notes of juicy nectarine and bergamot, enhanced by a heart of manuka honey, orchid and jasmine; followed by a trail of leather and cedarwood.

It sounds wonderful, but oob it smelled awful and I didn’t get any of those scents. The reviews said it was really nice, so I just hoped they were right.

Since this was going to be a 3+ lb batch, I boosted the honey & bergamot with 1/2 oz of each – trying to bring out the top & middle notes. In hindsight, adding a little more cedarwood might have also worked well, as it still smelled bad.

I added the scent combo directly into my oils, as performance in CP was said to have “mild” acceleration and I wanted it at medium trace to hold all my soap chunks.

I also added TD for a nice white color. The batter accelerated really fast to medium-heavy trace and stopped – which made it good consistency…but as it was happening, I had no idea if/when it would stop moving.


The chunks inside are very colorful – they remind me of plaid fabric

Fortunately, as this soap has been curing, it is smelling nicer & nicer – but still very top heavy with the leather scent. It’s surprising that the leather continues to be so prevalent – as it was a bottom note. The top notes have yet to come to the forefront.

This is a very masculine scent. I think if I used it again, I would only add 1/2 to 2/3 of the recommended amount for strong – that may tame the overpowering leather and help bring out the other notes. And it’s not yet 2 weeks into the cure, so I think the fragrance will continue to change.

 An Aside:

With a little leftover batter from when I created the top soap, I made a couple unscented soaps – I think I like the bottoms better than the tops:

 (Tops & bottoms – top sprinkled with gold mica and snowflake sparkle mica)

2 comments on “Honey & Leather Soap with spin swirl top and chunky bits

  1. April says:

    They’re beautiful! So colorful and unique. I hope the fragrance settles down. I’d shower with one to see what you get then. I bet they’ll be ok.


    • soapsbysly says:

      Thanks so much April!
      Great idea! I have washed my hands with a scrap a week ago, but it was still to strongly scented – the scent took over my whole basement last week, but has now dissipated a lot and the leather scent has weakened, so I think the other scents may have a chance to come to the forefront.
      I’ll let you know what happens in a couple more weeks!

      Liked by 1 person

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