Sunshine Orange Yuzu in Circling Taiwan Swirl


I wanted to try to recreate the Sunshine Orange Yuzu soap I made for the January soap challenge (see Jan 22, 2016 Blog) but without all the ash inside (the batter was too thin).

I used my Master Batch Oils #3 with 1.5 oz 10X Orange eo (discolors yellow) and 1.75 oz Yuzu fo (water white).

Total soap batter: 52 oz, 13 oz of each Color with Scent:
TD white – .875 oz Yuzu
BB Electric Lemonade & TKB Fluorescent Strong Yellow – .75 oz 10X Orange eo
BB Tangerine Wow Orange & TKB Fluorescent Blaze Orange  – .75 oz 10X Orange eo
TKB #30 Lake True Red – .875 oz Yuzu

I separated out these scents because the 10X Orange discolors yellow, while the Yuzu is water white. And the slight change in the colors were just to use up some that were previously mixed.

I was a bit stingy on my batter and ran out of white & yellow before finishing. Fortunately I had some leftover soap and mixed up more.

I used three dividers (to get 4 sections); poured the batter, removed the dividers, and then swirled all the way though the soap with a thin chopstick. I took the handle of a thick plastic spoon and circled around the outer edges of the mold six times. I circled the mold 14 times in January’s batch, but it seemed like I was loosing my white & red colors this time, so I stopped earlier.

My 3 lb/10 inch silicone mold tends to bow out on the sides, so I put it in a vise with cardboard on the bottom and sides – enough to raise the lip above the holder. This time one side (the bottom in the photo below) seemed to bow inwards, so I pulled it out and held it down with duct tape. (In the photo it looks like the top left side of the mold is bowing inwards too.)


At the time, I didn’t know what caused this distortion. On further investigation (after the soap was hard), I discovered I was missing a piece of cardboard on the bottom, so the lip of the mold was not completely above the holder. This also caused the bottom of the mold to bow slightly outwards too.


A close up of the swirl on top.

Compared to the one made in January, which has much
tighter swirls and brighter yellow & orange:

Version 2

A close up of the soap made in January.

Sadly, the top ashed quite a bit, but to get the nice swirls, the soap needs to be fluid and sometimes ash is the price paid. (It can be steamed or planed off.)


Top after gelling.

It’s amazing what a difference the orange & yellows are compared to the January soap. (I think I like the January colors better.) The yellow has a tinge of green to it and the orange is much paler.


Bottom of loaf after unmolding.


The Cut:

I sliced off one bar on the end of the loaf, then cut the rest horizontally, then vertically, which made 8 bars (plus the first cut).

I use this great horizontal wire soap slicer from Bramble Berry that I got for Christmas:

It has 1/8 inch increments. I really needed 1/16th and should have built it up to 1/16 with thin cardboard to get a more uniform cut, as half of my bars were a little too thick and the other half were a touch too thin.

After cutting horizontally, the soap was a bit soft, so I waited a day before cutting vertically and the inside/new surface developed some ash:


Inside after horizontal cut.

After cutting, edging, and steaming each bar:


Close ups:

The is the back/bottom of one bar, which was the top of the loaf. It is a paler
orange and the yellow still has the greenish tinge to it:


Back side.

I am happy with the results of this batch (it smells wonderful), although next time I think I will stick with the colors I used in January.


An Aside:

I had just enough leftover Sunshine Orange Yuzu batter to make one Large Victorian Heart. It’s interesting that the orange and yellow colors seem brighter here:


I continued with my testing of scents and made four large Victorian heart soaps, which turned out lovely:

  • Lavender Bouquet
  • Raspberry Peach (Sun Ripened Raspberry with Southern Peach)
  • Peach Lychee (Southern Peach with Lychee Red Tea)
  • Peaches & Cream (Southern Peach with Cream Cheese)

I was using a new bottle of BB Southern Peach and the scent seems to fade to almost nothing, which is very disappointing. I remember this fragrance to be much stronger and one that used to hold well, but it’s been a while since I used it.

Clockwise: Lavender Bouquet, Raspberry Peach, Peach Lychee, and Peaches & Cream

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