Margarita Lime Soap – Drop or “Tear Drop” Swirl?


Margarita Lime Soap

I received a 2 oz sample of Island Margarita FO from a company who’s scents I don’t care for. I tried a bit in a sample soap, but it didn’t do much for me. I thought boosting it with Lime FO might give it the pop it needed – and it did!

Here’s the description of the fragrances:

  • Island Margarita: An exotic tropical delight. Bright citrus blended with soft hibiscus and juicy fruits. A lime & citrus scent combo.
  • Lime FO: Zesty, fresh, bursting with energy & juiciness; tart but touch of sweetness.

Island Margarita: 2 oz
BB Lime: .75 oz

Batter & Colors; 2 lb mold, 40 oz soap:
20 oz Base, Lime Green LabColor (2 oz Margarita FO)
6 oz Apple Green LabColor (.375 Lime FO)
7 oz Dark Green LabColor (.375 Lime FO)
7 oz White (no FO)

I used the usual oils & butters (Master Batch Oils #3 – see April 29, 2016 Blog for recipe), discounting the liquid about 10% and using frozen coconut water instead of distilled. The lye water reached 70 degrees and I mixed it with 120 degree oils. I don’t normally soap at such a big water-oil temperature differences, but it all seemed to work well.

I colored all the divided batters, but had some difficulty with the Forest Green, as I accidentally poured in too much and it got too dark – I should have used a dropper to add the LabColors. I added TD to lighten it, then some Apple Green to achieve the color I wanted.

This was the first time I was using the Lime Green LabColor and with the orange coconut water, it turned yellow. Again I added some Apple Green (my go to LabColor & favorite green) and got the right color.

I then added the Lime fo to the accent colors and lastly the Margarita FO to the base color. There was no information on how the Margarita preformed in CP and it ended up accelerating really fast. So I quickly mixed and poured it into the mold. I’m glad I had the rest of my colored batters ready to go. Although I would have preferred them to be a bit thicker, I had no idea if the Margarita would keep going or settle down. I did a drop swirl and was able to do a nice design swirl on top. The soap ended up staying pretty thin on top and the first lime slice I put on sank, so I waited for it all to thicken up before adding the rest.

I had made some CP lime slices to put on top, but I wasn’t happy with the first batch and made a second batch of 10 the day before. I wanted to use 12 limes – 2 for each bar of soap, so I used two limes from the first batch. (Turns out I got 7 bars instead of 6.) You can see the color differences:


Lime on bottom left sank. First batch of CP limes on right.


I love the distinctive swirls under the limes.

The Cut:

I did the drop swirl a bit differently, just to see what the outcome would be. I poured each color along the center of the mold only, and on top of the previous color, with no other swirling. It turned into a huge “tear drop” in the middle:


My base color looks more avocado than lime – I don’t use LabColors very much, but they do seem to change some from what you see in the mixed batter. (The color of the coconut water may have affected the outcome too.)

I think hanger swirling this would have looked nice. Or pouring less batter into the middle – which would have produced a truer tear drop.


With two extras –
Margarita Lime & Lime in the Coconut (dusted with snow flake sparkle mica):

The aroma is wonderful – I didn’t know lime could smell so great!

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