Electric Lemonade Cocktail with Drop & Hanger Swirls


I realized I had nothing in the way of Lemon scented soap and I had just purchased an FO from Bramble Berry called Electric Lemonade Cocktail. I had tried a sample of it in the past and found it very pleasing and lemony.

Here’s a description of the fragrance: This fresh, fruity fragrance is just the right blend of sweet and tart. It is a blend of essence of Mandarin, Orange and Verbena infused with Fresh Pumpkin, Bergamot and Granny Smith Apple; all wrapped in a soft veil of Vanilla, Neroli and Amber. (Discolors tan.)

My favorite mold is my 3 lb silicone mold – it makes 9 bars, which seems just right. I am also really into the fun and ease of doing a drop swirl, followed by horizontal and vertical hanger swirls. Every time I do a batch, it’s totally unlike the last time and of course, every bar is completely different from the other. (See April 25, 2016 and May 4, 2016 for the last times I did these swirls.)

I used my Master Batch Oils #3; making 52 oz of batter with 3 oz of Electric Lemonade FO.

Batter & Colors:
28 oz base TKB Shimmer Lemon Pop (add all FO with .5 oz of Vanilla Stabilizer)
6 oz BB Coral Mica orange with red jojoba beads
6 oz TKB Pearl Green with Lagoon green jojoba beads
6 oz TKB Pearl Blue with Sierra Sky blue jojoba beads
6 oz TKB Coral Reef blue Lagoon green & Sierra Sky blue jojoba beads

Drop, horizontal & vertical swirls.


In 3 lb/ 10 inch mold (supported in a vice to prevent bowing out in the middle.)

Version 2

Close up of swirls on top.


The Cut:


The red Jojoba Beads really stand out.


What I learned from this batch was that putting Jojoba Beads in the accent colors does not work well. The blue ones are barely noticeable (the green not at all), and the red stand out so much it looks more like spots of red color that didn’t get mixed in well, rather than beads.


An Aside:

I continued with my testing of scents, with four different ones in Celtic molds:

  • Karma: TD white and natural with the essential oil blend Karma (will discolor tan).
  • Vetyver: leftover blues & greens and coral mica with red jojoba beads.
  • Lilac: white and purple play date (plum) with jasmine purple jojoba beads.
  • Gardenia: white and green, with forest green jojoba beads.

Clockwise: Karma, Vetyver, Lilac, and Gardenia – dusted with gold or silver mica.

2 comments on “Electric Lemonade Cocktail with Drop & Hanger Swirls

  1. What an interesting swirl! I love all those movements. I bought the vetyver fragrance but did not use it yet. I did not it yet. I am a little disappointed ed by the smell in the bottle. How did it behave? Are you happy?


  2. soapsbysly says:

    Madame Propre:
    Thank you!

    My first experience with Vetyver was awful. I received several samples that leaked everywhere… It was so strong, it gave me a headache and I just couldn’t get rid of the scent – seems it was everywhere for months.

    The only reason I ever soaped with my samples was just to get rid of it (in a soap swap). In the soap it smells wonderful! (And you don’t need to use much).

    I typically mix it with lemon or orange – or both – or some citrus (have mixed with a Bergamot & lime combo too) and it’s lovely.

    It’s been so long since I used it straight, I wanted to try that with a sample soap to give to a friend that likes it any way she can get it.

    I’ve had no issues with A, D, or R. It preforms wonderfully in soap.

    Hope that helps!



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