Blue Man in Circling Taiwan Swirl

I have made Blue Man soap several times in the past,
using a variety of designs and techniques:

I really enjoyed recreating the Sunshine Orange Yuzu Circling Taiwan Swirl (Blog post June 13, 2016 and Jan 22, 2016) and I wanted to try a little more complicated version of it.

I used my Master Batch Oils #3 (see April 29, 2016 Blog for recipe), with 2.4 oz of BB Blue Man FO and a 10 inch silicone mold.

Here’s the description of Blue Man: This is a duplication of the popular men’s cologne, Aquolina Blue Sugar. The base note of Black Patchouli blends perfectly with Orange Peel, Sparkling Mandarin, Coriander Leaves, Star Anise and Venezuela Tonka. It’s surprisingly sweet and majorly masculine. Discolors dark brown with 4.9% vanilla content.

Batter & Colors: (54 oz soap in 3 lb mold):
Color plan: black; dark blue & light blue; black; white & medium blue
13 oz Black (Activated Charcoal) with 1.2 oz FO
8 oz Dark Blue (BB Ultramarine Blue)
8 oz Light blue (TKB Pearl Blue)
13 oz Black (Activated Charcoal) with 1.2 oz FO
8 oz Med Blue (BB 1982 Blue)
8 oz white with .5 oz Vanilla Stabilizer

Blue Man turns dark brown, hence the reason for only putting it in the black color. I added 1/2 oz of vanilla stabilizer to the white (and a splash to each blue) to help prevent the discolor from migrating. (I forgot to add the stabilizer to a previous batch with FO in the dark blue and it turned green – see photo above with blue background).

You can see a brown bit that has taken over the white on the left side in this last batch that I did not add stabilizer to:


Previous Blue Man soap with discolor.

I used three dividers (to get 4 sections); and alternated the colors in each section with black; dark blue & light blue; black; and white & medium blue – doing a wall pour with the 2 blues and blue & white sections.

After removing the dividers, I carefully added extra soap in each section to build up the batter to fill the mold:


Sections before swirling.

(My 3 lb/10 inch silicone mold tends to bow out on the sides, so I put it in a vise with cardboard on the bottom and sides – enough to raise  the lip above the holder.)

I then took a thin chop stick and did the first part of a Taiwan swirl all the way through:


Taiwan Swirl

Next, I took a thick, round handle of a plastic spoon and swirled around the outer edge of the mold about 8-10 times:


Circling Taiwan Swirl

You can see that because of the smaller amounts in each of the colored sections, there is not as much definition on the top & bottom edges. The dark colors may add to the lack of sharpness & fine lines too:


Close up


The Cut:

I sliced off one bar on the end of the loaf, then cut the rest horizontally, then vertically, which made 8 bars (plus one from the first cut).

I use this great horizontal wire soap slicer from Bramble Berry that I got for Christmas:

It has 1/8 inch increments and I used thin cardboard underneath to build it up an extra 1/16 inch for a more even cut. But measuring with a tape measure and eye-balling it still did not give me even halves. I got 4 bars that are too thick and 4 bars that are a little bit skinny.

I think next time I will skip cutting off an end piece and no matter what the thickness, cut each half of my bars to the right weight. I will end up with 2 sample end pieces, but that way my bars will hopefully be more consistent.



Here’s the end piece that was cut off – you can see what the bars would look like if they weren’t cut horizontally first:



An Aside:

I had enough Blue Man batter to make 2 additional soaps in Celtic molds:

I also made some soaps for upcoming Birthdays and others for friends to try:

  • 1 – Chamomile Bergamot in Celtic mold
  • 1 – Papaya Coconut in guest victorian heart
  • 1 – Vetyver Litsea Guest rectangular heart mold (pink & white hearts)
  • 2 – Karma in guest rectangular (natural with blue accents)
  • 1 – Long tube Heart in Ultraviolet Blue for an upcoming project (not pictured)

Clockwise: Chamomile Bergamot, Papaya Coconut, Vetyver Litsea, 2 Karma
– all dusted with Snowflake Silver Mica.

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