Lavender Soap with Heart Embed & Jojoba beads in Vertical Mold


I liked the soap I made last time in the Vertical mold so much that I wanted to do it again (See June 8, 2016 Blog). This time I really went for it with the Jojoba beads in both colors. I used the last of my Master batch oils too (April 29, 2016 Blog recipe).

Master batch oils #3 recipe:
Total: 61 oz soap
43 oz/  1219 grams of oils
6.11 oz/ 173 grams lye BA
12 oz liquid (2 oz disc)/ 340 grams
12 grams Sodium Lactate

Batter & Colors: 61 oz total; 3.4 oz BB Lavender FO
28 oz TD (Plus Ultraviolet Blue tube heart) & 6 mini-scoops of BB Purple Jojoba Beads
32 oz Ultraviolet Blue and 8 mini-scoops of BB Jasmine Purple Jojoba Beads.

Soaping Plan: White on one half with purple jojoba beads & ultraviolet blue tube heart; and ultraviolet blue on the other half with Jasmine purple jojoba beads.

Info on Jojoba Beads: They are a gentle exfoliant. Because they are completely round, they don’t scratch like shells and other exfoliants can and are great for sensitive skin. They are made from Jojoba esters (which come from Jojoba oil), so it’s possible for them to melt if soaping at too high of a temperature. (I have never had this happen, and I usually soap around 100-120 degrees and gel my soap). I like to use them to give the soap added color and design.

The Purple beads are the large size (which I prefer) – 20/40 or 425-850 microns. The Jasmine beads are a medium size – 28/60 or 250-600 microns. These are slightly darker than the purple. (I have some small beads in white, but have not put them in soap – they are usually used for facial cleansers and scrubs.)


I line the liners of my vertical mold with freezer paper. (The mold has thick plastic sides, but over the years, they seemed to have gotten a little roughed up and are impossible to slide the soap off of, even when liberally sprayed with Cyclomethicone.) The paper makes the edges a little wonky sometimes, but that just adds a little character to the bars. An extra step, but easily done.

I made an ultraviolet blue tube heart a few days before, specifically for this project. The heart is slightly shorter than the vertical mold, so I swirled the top, in what will become a sample end bar:


Top of Vertical mold – the end piece swirled.

A fun and easy soap to make, having a divider in the middle; putting the heart tube soap on one side, and pouring the purple & white on opposite sides at the same time. After pulling out the divider, I topped off the mold with more soap, swirled and was finished.

The middle divider is very tight with the paper lining the sides, and I have had issues pulling it out smoothly. Last month’s soap made a nice wave, this was more angular. (Without the heart on one side, it’s fun to use a gear tie and swirl the two sides together.)


The Cut:

Although it’s difficult to see in the photos, the jojoba beads show up well in both colors.


The heart tube that I used had a little ash on it. I left it that way to see if I could get a bit of a halo affect.


I had leftovers for 1 large Victorian Heart too:

This mold is great to use for those difficult scents that accelerate quickly
– just pour fast and you are done.

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