Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oils Pink Himalayan Salt Bars using negative impression mat


Seems like I just made Pink Himalayan salt bars. (scroll to end for more salt soap blogs.) They are always great for your skin and I love trying different scent blend combinations as well as improving my methods with each batch.

What’s so great about salt bars? And why specifically use Pink Himalayan salt, which is so much more expensive than other salts? (See this Blog here for the answers.)

The Plan: Use Pink Himalayan Salt Bar Master Batch Oils #1 (April 29, 2016 Blog recipe).

Soap Batter: 72 oz/4.5 lbs batter plus 28+ oz PH Salt = 100 oz/ 6.25 lbs Soap
Salt Bar Master Batch Oils #1 – Oil: 50 oz/ 1417 grams
10% Lye: 7.47 oz/ 211 grams
1.5 oz discount – 1:1 Coconut Water & Aloe liquid total: 15 oz/425 grams
28 oz (by weight) Pink Himalayan extra small salt (San Francisco Salt Company brand)

Essential Oils: 6 oz total 2:2:1:1 – Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Peppermint:
2 oz Lavender
2 oz Rosemary
1 oz Lemongrass
1 oz Peppermint

Colors: Split batter into 4 containers of 18 oz each with:
Lavender LabColor
Fuchsia LabColor
Lemon Yellow LabColor
Apple Green LabColor



Clockwise: Fuchsia, Yellow, Green & Lavender (this started out blue, turned to a blue-grey by the time I took the photo and was a charcoal grey when pouring. It morphs to a lavender purple. The Fuchsia turns pinker too.)

Use 9-bar mold with negative impression mat. Un-mold in 6 hours & remove dividers.
Use 6 bar mold with negative impression mat. Un-mold & cut in 6 hours.

I first poured some soap without salt in it on the impression
mats and then swirled them a little with a chop stick:


9-bar & 6-bar molds.

I added 7.15 oz (by weight) fine Pink Himalayan Salt to each colored batter and then poured the 6-bar mold – the batter was very thin. (I usually pour the 9-bar mold first. I reversed the order on these to see if it would be easier to un-mold the 9-bar with thicker batter –  and it was – as the soap tends to stick to the dividers.)

Top of 6-bar and 9-bar molds after pouring & swirling
(this will become the bottom). Close up of swirls:


I un-molded both 6 hours later; then cut the soap from the 6-bar mold and remove the dividers in the 9-bar. In spite of swirling the soap I poured on the impression mat, it didn’t show through:


You can see that some soap has fallen off one of the dividers on the right.
The purple is still looking quite grey, but on the
other side it was starting to morph to purple.

The first day the scent was all Lemongrass, but the earthiness was tamed a bit by the other essential oils. The second day, when I opened the door to my soaping room, all I could smell was peppermint, but the soap itself continued to smell of a wonderful Lemongrass. As it cured, all the scents mellowed and blended together nicely.

The Cut:

At first the soap looked very much like it had stripes of colors, which is how I laid them down – you couldn’t tell at all that I swirled them. In these photos it still looks like that, but up close the colors are more combined, with less of the striped look to them.

They all had so much ash, that they had a translucent white to them, with the colors peaking out from underneath – it was a really cool look. I steamed them and the ash went away…a lot of times ash comes back a bit, and it eventually it did with these, so I did get a little of that first look back.

What is totally amazing is how much the LabColors morph to exactly what they are supposed to be:


Even the back side (4th photo) is nice:




Even though I weighed my molds when pouring the soaps, the ones from the 6-bar mold turned out to be gigantic: over 7 oz each after a full cure. (I think my scale got stuck.)

They are also grainier looking, as the batter was still very thin when I poured it, and it broke through the first (unsalted) layer. The colors are a bit paler than the others because of the salt too:


I am extremely pleased with how these all came out – this is the smoothest batch I have ever made. (Typically the sides are very rough after prying them off the dividers on the 9-bar mold – and some of the soap gets stuck on the dividers too.)  Un-molding them so much earlier has really made a difference.


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