Four Thieves in Zebra Swirl with Positive Impression Mat Top

I wanted to recreate the soap that I made for the December 2015 Impression Mat Challenge (Dec 14, 2015 Blog). It won the Soaper’s Choice Award:


I weighed out and mixed my essential oils together:
5 oz – 142 grams Four Thieves Oil: (accelerates trace fast, discolors yellow)
34% Clove leaf:     1.7 oz        48 grams
30% Litsea:             1.5 oz        43 grams
16% Cinnamon:      .8 oz        23 grams
12% Eucalyptus:     .6 oz        17 grams
8% Rosemary:         .4 oz         11 grams

The plan was to use a rainbow of colors, like before. I had so many colors premixed from previous soaps, I combined several of them.

Batter & Colors:
36 oz base: TD white with all the EO’s (3 pours with eo mixed in just before each pour)
8 oz each: (48 oz total)
Yellow: TKB Shimmer Lemon Pop & TKB Florescent Strong Yellow
Red/Orange: BB Coral Mica & TKB #30 True Red
Pink: CC Purple Play Date (Plum), Ultramarine Pink
Purple: TKB Magic Violet
Blue: BB Ultramarine Blue & BB 1982 Blue
Green: TKB Pearl Green & Ye Olde Neon Green

I used Master Batch #4 oils (August 1, 2016 Blog recipe). I made extra batter, as I wanted to test some other scents too.

Master batch #4 oils: 80 oz (2268 grams) = 116 oz soap
5% Lye:                       11.35 oz    322 grams
1.5 oz disc water:         25  oz    709 grams
Sodium Lactate:                            23 grams

I mixed my lye-water and oils together at 125 & 115 degrees to just past emulsified. I poured off my extra soap, plus soap into 2 containers – one for the first pour with Four Thieves eo, the second for the next two pours of base soap.

I then stick blended the rest of the soap to light trace and separated out the batter for six colors.

I had lined my mold with freezer paper, as my impression mat does not fit into the silicone liner. I cut extra paper to lay my mat on and paint the soap on it.

After mixing the colors I spooned them onto the impression mat. Then used a straight edged spatula to remove the excess and put the mat into the mold.

I mixed up my first batch of 1/3 of the base soap and 1/3 of the eo mix. It accelerated really fast. I got only half of it poured before it was too stiff to pour. I had to spoon in the rest.

I typically use a piece of plastic to pour the rainbow of colors into the mold in a Zebra swirl. I tried something different this time, tilting the mold and pouring down the side wall. I made two passes with each color; mixed up another 1/3 of the base with 1/3 of the eo and added this over all the colors. I then turned the mold around and repeated the same thing on the other side.

I was surprised that I barely had enough soap each time to cover my colors (and had to steal a little from the next third.) When I mixed up the last third of base soap, I added some extra soap I had on the side. That still didn’t cover my colors, so I stole more batter.

It wasn’t until I put my soap to bed and looked at my recipe, that I realized I had only used 9 oz for each third of soap instead of 12 oz. (36 divided by 3 is 12 oz…not sure how I divided 36 and got 9. I did my math at about 6am…I should have double checked that after my caffeine intake!)

For the top of the mold, I put down lines of each color, then used a chop stick to swirl from side to side (the small side), like you would do for a Taiwan Swirl. Instead of going down the length of the loaf in straight lines – which creates a chevron pattern – I zig-zagged the lines for this effect:


Top of 5 lb mold (which will become the bottom)


Close up



The Cut:



In hind sight, it would have been better to stick blend the batter to just emulsification for my base soap – instead of light trace. I should have added more TD before adding the eo’s to keep it whiter. I would also stick blend the rest of the batter for the colored soap just a bit less, as it was much thicker than usual.

These didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped. Soap always has a mind of it’s own and it seems impossible to make it exactly the same as before. I dusted the top with some gold sparkle mica, which made it pop a bit more (not shown in photos).



An Aside:

I don’t think I’ve ever made a loaf of Vanilla soap. What’s interesting is that years a go, that was the only soap & lotion I would ever use (until I discovered Pink Grapefruit).

So I wanted to test some Vanilla’s and Vanilla Blends, (plus a couple others):

  • BB Vanilla Forest in round leaf mold.
  • BB Vanilla Select 1:1 with BB OMH (Oatmeal Milk & Honey) in round leaf mold. Natural, as the vanilla turns dark brown, swirled with OMH in natural (which will stay cream).
  • BB Vanilla Select 1:1 with 10X Orange EO in round leaf mold. Half natural (will turn brown) with vanilla, the other half with some left over orange coloring & orange eo.
  • 2 NG Juniper Breeze in large Victorian Heart (as I was out of this soap.) In leftover purple, blue, green, & white.
  • 1 Unscented in large Victorian Heart, using all my leftover unscented colors from my Four Thieves soap.

All were dusted with Snowflake Silver or Gold Sparkle Mica.

Clockwise: Vanilla Orange; Vanilla Forest; Vanilla & OMH; Unscented; & 2 Juniper Breeze.

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