Apple Cinnamon Sugar Soap in Drop & Hanger Swirls

Last time I made Apple Cinnamon Sugar soap was 2 years ago, using Melt & Pour embed balls with an In The Pot Swirl:

I like the translucency of the MP balls, but I have fallen off MP, as last year they sweat so much, causing havoc to the look and packaging. (I live in Colorado, which is very dry and considered high desert.)

I like the idea of putting the Cinnamon Sugar scent on the bottom layer, as it discolors so dark. But I don’t like the bleeding of brown into the other part of the soap (which you can see in the batch above). I will try to prevent this with some Vanilla Stabilizer.

The Plan:
Cinnamon Sugar FO on the bottom layer; light & dark greens, red, and white (with van stab) for the rest. 3 lb mold with drop & hanger swirls.

Use Master batch oils #4 for 78 oz of soap:
(August 1, 2016 Blog recipe)
Oils: 55 oz /1559 grams
Lye: 7.81 oz /221 grams
Distilled water (2 oz disc): 16 oz /454 grams
Sodium Lactate: 16 grams

Pour off 24 oz of batter for scent testing.

Scent for 54 oz soap:
2 oz oz BB Red Apple
.5 oz BB Tart Apple
.6 oz BB Cinnamon Sugar (bottom)

Here is the description of the BB scents:

  • Red Apple: This scent is actually a blend of a few varieties of Red Apple scents, along with some notes of Green Apple to temper the sweetness. The Green Apple notes add some wonderful depth and tartness to the scent. Accelerates trace, discolors yellow.
  • Tart Apple: (This is a discontinued scent). It smells like you just cut into a crisp and juicy Granny Smith apple; tart, invigorating freshness. Mixes well with sweet and warm scents. No A or D.
  • Cinnamon Sugar: A cinnamon sticky bun sweet; warm ginger, cinnamon and cardamom notes provide a wonderful base for many fragrances making this an easy blending fragrance. Discolors dark brown. 14% Vanilla.


12 oz – Cappuccino mica, on bottom with Cinnamon Sugar FO
Red Apple & Tart Apple FO in the rest of batter:
24 oz – TD White base (with .8 oz Vanilla Stabilizer)
Drop swirl & hanger swirl colors:
6 oz – CC Granny Smith Green mica
6 oz – BB Hydrated Chrome & Green Chrome Oxide (Dark green)
6 oz – TKB #30 True Red

I stick blended my brown to a heavy trace and poured it into bottom of a 3 lb mold. (Next time I would keep it thinner for a more even layer, cover & let thicken before continuing.)

I poured my white base on top of the brown, then drop swirled my colors, followed by horizontal & vertical hanger swirls. I added some lines of color on top, then drops of gold & Cappuccino brown mica oil.


Top with lines of color and mica oil drops


Top swirled


Close up – I like the richness of all the colors swirled together.


The Un-molding:

The soap has lost some of it’s brightness (steaming helped recover some of that.)


Loaf before steaming


Close up of top after gelling & un-molding.


The Cut:

Sadly, the colors got a bit muddy from swirling. The batter was a little thin for the amount of swirling I did. If it was just slightly thicker, I think it would have been okay.

I was wondering what it would take to over swirl. Most of the videos I have watch, everyone swirls much more than I do and the soaps come out fine….but of course, their batter is thicker too. So now I know…I think I would have preferred not knowing!


Although difficult to see, the colors brightened with steaming.


The brown layer is a little more uneven than I would have liked.




An Aside:

I was in a hurry to get these out of the heavy duty molds and made a mess of many of them. (It usually takes 2 weeks before they are ready – even after spraying with Cyclomethicone. That’s a lot to ask of an impatient soaper!)


Leftover Apple Cinnamon soap:

  • Oval Celtic Apple (2 greens, red, white)
  • Flur de lee Apple Cinnamon Sugar guest size (all colors/batter used)


Testing new scents and scent blends:

  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey with Caramel (2 ml BB OMH Cybillia; 2 ml BB regular OMH; 4 ml NG Carmel; copper mica & red) in Bird & Grass oval.
  • BB Tobacco & Bay Leaf (I call it Smokey Bay Leaf) with NG Caramel (dark Green with red) in Celtic square
  • BB Creamsicle Cybilla (Orange with red) in Celtic round
  • BB Red Berry Rhubarb (red with Queen’s mica purple) Flur de lee rectangle guest size
  • BB Red Berry Rhubarb (red with Queen’s mica purple) in Celtic rectangle. (This is a really wonderful new scent!!)

Clockwise: OMH with Caramel, Tobacco & Bay Leaf with Caramel,
Creamsicle, 2 Red Berry Rhubarb.
All were dusted with copper or silver mica.

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