2 Almond Goat Milk Soaps: Confetti and In The Pot Swirls

This is a combination of two soap batches: Almond Cybilla Confetti Goat Milk (3 lb) and Almond Mocha Latte Goat Milk (1 lb).


Almond Cybilla Confetti on right and Almond Mocha Latte on left

The preparation for these two batches took 4 times longer that the actual soaping.

I wanted to use my Master Batch Oils #4, but I also wanted to add (and use up) the little bit of Almond Butter I had. (Turns out I had more than I thought, so be prepared for more Almond butter uses). I’m allergic to Almonds, so I tend to not use the oils or butters. I chose BB Almond Cybilla fragrance, as it is so strong, I felt it would over power any scent from the soap scraps I used.

I had 39 oz of Master Batch Oils #4 in a jug that I thought would be perfect to finish off too. (August 1, 2016 Blog recipe.) I haven’t made a Goat’s Milk soap for a while and Almond seemed like it would go well with the Goat’s Milk.

It took a bit of work to figure out the addition of Almond Butter into my master batch oils, as my usual Soap Calculator did not have Almond Butter as an option…thank goodness for the internet.

The Recipe:
Master Batch Oils #4: 39 oz + 2 oz Almond Butter =  41 oz Oils; 60 oz/ 3.75 lb soap
Oils: 41 oz / 1162 grams
5% Lye: 5.82oz / 165 grams
Frozen Goats Milk (2 oz discount): 11.5 oz / 326 grams
Sodium Lactate:  12 grams

Readjusting the MB Oils recipe to include the Almond Butter looked like this:
Almond Butter             2.00 oz        4.88%
Apricot Kernel Oil        1.95 oz        4.76 %
Avocado Oil                   3.90 oz        9.51 %
Castor Oil                       1.95 oz        4.76 %
Cocoa Butter                  1.95 oz        4.76 %
Coconut Oil                    9.75 oz        23.78 %
Hazelnut Oil                   1.95 oz        4.76 %
Olive Oil                           1.95 oz        4.76 %
Palm Kernel Flakes      1.95 oz        4.76 %
Palm Oil                          7.80 oz        19.02 %
Shea Butter (Refined)  1.95 oz        4.76 %
Sunflower Seed Oil       3.90 oz        9.51 %
Total                                41.00 oz        100 %        1162 grams


Almond Cybilla Confetti Goat Milk Soap:

A few days before this project, I had taken 16 oz of Goat’s Milk and put it into a 1 gallon freezer bag, laid it down flat on a small cookie sheet and put it in the freezer.

I have made confetti soap once (May 23, 2016 Blog) but just kind of “winged it” with the confetti. I wanted a more “scientific” approach as to how much soap scraps to use, so I searched the internet to find an answer. I came up with anywhere from 12-30 oz for a 3 lb batch. Not much help. I decided to go with 16 oz.

I had so many different confetti colors, I thought I’d layer them. The dark scraps (browns & blacks) on the bottom; red, orange & yellows next; then pinks & purples; finishing with blues, reds & greens.

The Plan

4 layers – 52 oz total: 36 oz soap batter + 16 oz confetti soap
4 oz confetti for each layer with 8 oz soap = 12 oz per layer
4 oz soap on top with no confetti
mica oils on top: silver, lavender, pink, brown

Colors & Scent:
Natural/Cream color
1 oz BB Almond Cybillia

Here is the description of Almond Cybillia: A very real smelling almond – smooth and crisp; sweet & true almond scent; smells like almond extract; very strong. Slight Discolor.

The Bramble Berry Fragrance Calculator recommended only .16 oz of FO in 1 lb of soap. I know this scent is strong, but that seemed like very little fragrance. (I have noticed some errors in this calculator and it always defaults to .16 oz for strong if it doesn’t know – or that’s what I think it does, from my experience.)

I made a test bar a couple months ago with this scent – I used 8 ml of FO for one 5.5 oz bar and it was way too strong. I figured I could have used less than half of that for one bar. So I decided to go with 1 oz for a 3 lb batch. (I screwed up and put it in all the batter, so I ended up using 1 oz for 4 lbs of soap). My test bar stayed a creamy color, so that’s what I expected with this batch.

I let my frozen Goat’s Milk warm up a few minutes, putting the bag under some hot running water and broke it into pieces before adding the Lye. I must have let it warm up a bit too much, as my lye-milk got to 118 degrees.

I poured the lye mixture through a strainer into my 112 degree oils and ended up with little bits in the strainer – it looked like goats milk bits.

I always get into trouble if I add my FO into my full soap batter, but I was (wrongly) thinking that this would be a good thing, as my batter will be uncolored and all I had to do was measure out 8 oz and combine with 4 oz of confetti. (Oops! I forgot that I was to pour off 20 oz for a 1 lb batch!)

I should have done that right away – I usually do it when emulsified, as it gives my second batch time to sit without thickening up too much. I used to always make 2-3 batches of soap with one recipe, but that was before I started master batching, so it’s been a while since I did a double batch. (It doesn’t take much to get distracted!)

I was surprised at how caramel-colored my batter got, but that may be due to the Goat’s Milk. After pouring all my layers, I thought it would be fun to add some mica oils on top, since it felt like I haven’t done that for a bit. I went with silver, cappuccino brown, pink, & purple. The soap was a too stiff to work it in as I had planned, so I just used it as a “garnish” on top:


Mica Oil dots on top


Mica Oils swirled on top


Close up

Due to the Goat’s Milk, I did not gel, but put it into the fridge.



Surprisingly the soap lighted up quite a bit after 24 hours of curing:


Top and sides with confetti shining through


Close up – I love this beautiful cream color.


Close up of bottom – love how much it lightened up.


The Cut:

Cutting into this, the slices were very beige and got darker than I expected.


I steamed these, which really made the colors of the confetti pop!



16 oz of confetti (by weight) in a 3 lb (52 oz) loaf is too much. I think half of that amount (or maybe one-third) would be better. (I hope that this soap will stay together when using it – it feels really solid, so I trust it will.)

I’m really surprised that the Almond Cybilla got so dark (it has darkened even more since photographing). In my test bar it stayed a cream color. I don’t think the mica oil design on top really matches the inside colors that much, so maybe some confetti on top would have looked better. I also think that the confetti would pop more with a lighter background – a white or cream.

The scent has faded quite a bit and is very light, so using more scent next time is definitely the way to go (I would double it.)


Almond Mocha Latte Goat Milk (1 lb batch):

The Plan:
The plan was to pour off 20 oz the main soap batter before scenting. I forgot to do this, so I ended up with 20 oz of Almond Cybilla soap batter.

Batter/Colors/ Scent:
Natural color
20 oz of soap batter with BB Almond Cybillia in it:
2 oz confetti with 4 oz of batter on bottom & .12 oz ED Coffee Bean FO (water white).
8 oz main batter with .25 oz BB Almond Biscotti FO (along with .25 oz vanilla stabilizer).
4 oz batter with red colorant (combo of leftovers). and .13 oz ED Coffee Bean FO
6 oz of batter with Cappuccino mica (brown) and .35 oz BB Dark Chocolate FO


Here is the description of the scents:

  • Almond Biscotti: A compilation of all things good, edible and coffee time. A mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour and drizzled chocolate. Because of the cake flour notes, this fragrance does discolor a dark brown. Vanilla Content: 3.7%. No A.
  • Dark Rich Chocolate: This is the rich and creamy Chocolate fragrance. It remains strong and satisfying; a dark chocolate with a very pervasive undertone of mocha and cocoa. It does discolor to an ebony brown. Vanilla: 15.9%
  • Coffee Bean: The deep rich smell of freshly roasted coffee beans which are roasted for a “dark roast”. (I find this to be a bit of a bitter scent. When I tested this is stayed white.)

The batter was pretty thick, but I pressed on with a bottom layer of Confetti soap (only because I felt like I didn’t have enough batter). The rest was supposed to be an In The Pot swirl, but the batter was too thick, so I just poured the colored batter onto the main batter and mixed slightly. I used Cappuccino brown mica, pink mica, and gold mica oils for the top and got them swirled into the soap this time.

I like this top much better than the first soap. You can also see how much darker the batter has gotten too:


Top swirled with mica oils – love the caramel colored base


Close up of top

This batch was also put into the fridge to prevent gelling and overheating the milk.



I was surprised at how pink the red got:


1 lb loaf after un-molding – looks edible!


Close up of top


Bottom of loaf with confetti


The Cut:

It was very disappointing that both the chocolate and coffee scents did not come through at all. This batch smells almost exactly like the pure Almond batch.


I could not get the mica to show up as colorfully in the photos as they really are.



This scent combo really needs more Chocolate and Coffee – I would double the amount of both, as the soap just smells of Almond Biscotti. Also – be sure your red is really red – I was a bit relaxed with that color, although the pink looks okay too.

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