Master Batch Soap Oils #5


I needed to make another Master Batch of oils only a few months after the last batch. I have participated in some soap challenges and started on my fall/holiday soaps, so I’ve made a lot more than I usually do.

I have had some feedback that I use too many oils, so I tried to pare that down a bit, but only eliminated one. I do like variety and the wonderful properties of so many oils. (Check out the characteristics in Aug 1, 2016 Blog.)

I like a hard bar, so I always include Coconut, Palm, and a couple butters for 50-60% of the total oils. The rest are just mix & match. This time I used some Grape Seed oil (green), rice bran (red) and more olive oil (yellow). The rice bran was from a different supplier and I have never gotten it in red/orange before.

Recipe: 600 oz oils/31.25 lb for 45 lbs/720 oz of soap:
5%        Castor Oil                  30 oz      850 grams
5%        Cocoa Butter             30 oz      850 grams
25%      Coconut Oil             150 oz    4252 grams
5%        Grape Seed Oil          30 oz      850 grams
10%      Olive Oil                     60 oz     1701 grams
5%        Palm Kernel Flakes 30 oz       850 grams
20%      Palm Oil                   120 oz    3402 grams
5%        Rice Bran Oil             30 oz      850 grams
5%        Shea Butter               30 oz      850 grams
15%      Sunflower Seed Oil 90 oz     2552 grams        Total oils: 17,006 grams
Chamomile Extract               6 oz          170 grams (IN OILS)

I took out all of my ingredients from my fridge & freezers 2 day before, so that everything was at room temperature. I heated all the oils & butters thoroughly and mixed them in a large bucket. With all these colors in my oils, the blend turned out very brown. (I have already used these Master Batch oils and fortunately have not found any change in my soaps with the darker oils.)

I poured all into 5 – 1 gallon jugs. The process took about 2.5 hours.

When ready to soap, use a lye calculator for the recipe that fits your needs. For Example:

Recipe: 50 oz oils/ 4.5 lbs soap – 71 oz batter:
5%        Castor Oil                   2.5 oz      71 grams
5%        Cocoa Butter             2.5 oz    171 grams
25%      Coconut Oil             12.5 oz    354 grams
5%        Grape Seed  Oil         2.5 oz      71 grams
10%      Olive Oil                         5 oz    142 grams
5%        Palm Kernel Flakes 2.5 oz       71 grams
20%     Palm Oil                       10 oz    283 grams
5%        Rice Bran Oil             2.5 oz      71 grams
5%        Shea Butter               2.5 oz      71 grams
15%      Sunflower Oil            7.5 oz    213 grams    Total oils: 1417 grams

5%        Lye                             7.07 oz    200 grams
1.5oz disc.  Distilled Water     15 oz    425 grams
Sodium Lactate 1 TBSP (1 tsp/lb oils) 14 grams (into Lye water at 130 degrees/less)

One comment on “Master Batch Soap Oils #5

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