Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh in Drop & Hanger Swirls


Gold (Amber), Frankincense & Myrrh


I like the way this turned out when I made it last time (Jan 9, 2016 Blog):



The plan was to try to recreate this soap, which of course is impossible. It came out quite different, but I like the richer looking black color and the mica swirls on top:


According to my inventory, I had almost enough for a 1:1 blend of BB Frankincense & Myrrh Cybilla and BB Amber. The .2 oz I was shy of the F&M would be made up with a straight Frankincense from Essential Depot.

Here’s the description of the scents:

  • BB Amber: A base note that is used in perfumery because it adds a sophisticated, warm base to fragrance blends. This blend also contains notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Musk. 3.2% Vanilla. A & D.
  • BB Frankincense and Myrrh Cybilla: Warm and sensual; it cures to a wonderful exotic scent when used alone or adds a soft musk and woodsy bottom note when used in blends. Scent lightens in CP as it cures. Discolors brown.
  • ED Frankincense: Woody & Spicy. No discolor.


The Plan:

Master batch #5 oils: (38 oz Oils;  54 oz soap) 3 lb silicone mold
Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
Lye 5% SF: 5.37 oz / 152 grams
Distilled Water: (1.54 oz disc): 11 oz / 312 grams (Used 300 grams)
Sodium Lactate: 11 grams

FO’s (turns out I had less F&M than I thought):
1.5 oz Amber
1.0 oz Frankincense & Myrrh Cybilla
.5 oz Frankincense

20 oz – BB Activated Charcoal Black –  1 oz FM; 1 oz Amber
8 oz – BB Cappuccino Mica Brown –  .5 oz F; .5 oz Amber
8 oz – TKB #10 Lake Yellow – no fo
8 oz – TKB #30 True Red – no fo
8 oz – BB Nuclear Orange – no fo

Pour black then:
Drop swirl brown, yellow, red, orange; do horizontal then vertical hanger swirls; top with Gold, Merlot, and Copper mica oils.


Colored batter all ready to pour.

I stick blended to emulsified, separating and coloring my batter. Then I just waited – stirring every other minute – until my soap was close to the thickness I wanted (10 + minutes). I thought, why not add some Vanilla Stabilizer to my colors to help prevent bleeding of black & brown? So I did, and interestingly, it really thicken up the orange & red a lot. So I quickly added my scents to the black and brown, watching intently for acceleration. But it never happened!

I would have preferred the black to be a bit thicker, but the red was really stiff by now, so I went ahead and poured in all the black, then alternated the colors several times in a drop swirl; then hanger swirled horizontally and vertically.


The Top:


Gold, Merlot, and Copper sparkle mica oils swirled on top.


Close up.


The Cut:



I love that when two bars are put together with mirrored images you can see multiple images. In the one below, I can see three different faces:


It’s like a Rorschach (ink blot) test.


Sometimes the yellow looks very lime-green, other times it is more of a true yellow. This is the first time using this color where it morphed, even though I did not put any FO in it. (Makes me wonder if the splash of Vanilla Stabilizer had an effect.)



Even separately, each bar has character:

At first I was a bit disappointed that the soap was so different than my last batch, but now I am very pleased with how bright and unique these turned out.

I made one unscented bar with leftovers of yellow, orange, & gold in Eye of Horus mold (you can pick out some of the fine writing/hieroglyphics on the bar that transferred from the mold):


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