Mint Chocolate Chip Goat’s Milk in Circling Taiwan Swirl


Mint Chocolate Chip Goat Milk in Circling Taiwan Swirl

This fragrance feels like a fall/holiday scent. Here’s the description:

BB Mint Chocolate Chip: The scent of Pure Cane Sugar, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Crème de Menthe, Peppermint Candy and Vanilla Brulee. It’s all rounded out with Tonka Bean, Musk and a hint of Butterscotch. Works great in cold process and discolors to a dark brown. 8% Vanilla.


The Plan:

A Circling Taiwan Swirl in 3 lb silicone mold; using 3 dividers for 4 sections, and pour 2 colors in each section.

Master batch #5 oils: (38 oz oils; Makes 54 oz soap)
Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
Lye 5% SF: 5.37 oz / 152 grams
Frozen Goat’s Milk: (1.54 oz disc): 11 oz / 312 grams (Used 302 grams)
Sodium Lactate: 11 grams
Kaolin Clay: 1 oz/ 28 grams (in oils)

I froze some Goat’s Milk the day before and measured out 302 grams; added the Lye and the highest temp it got was 90 degrees. I added my Sodium Lactate to the Lye-mix and combined it with my oils, which were also 90 degrees. (I poured the lye-liquid through a strainer into my oils.)

In 3 lb mold: Circling Taiwan Swirl; 2.5 oz FO
14 oz – Light Brown (CC Brown Mica) with 3/5th of FO
14 oz – Natural with 2/5th of FO
14 oz – TD White – no FO; splash of Vanilla stabilizer
14 oz – BB Aqua Pearl Mica and BB Blue Raspberry combo (about 1/4 AP & 3/4 BR) – no FO; splash of Van stab

I alternated the pours with light brown and natural in the first section; white & aqua in the second; then repeated for the 3rd & 4th sections. The batter was very fluid – perfect when I started. Then the soaps with the FO got thicker & thicker, to the point where it was difficult to make decent swirls:


Swirl – the natural/uncolored is already darkening.


Close up – if you look closely, you can see two shades of brown.

To prevent the milk from overheating, I put it in the freezer for a few hours and then the fridge overnight.


The First Cut:

I have a wonderful horizontal wire cutter, perfect for Taiwan swirls, which I bought at Bramble Berry:

The first cut was the entire loaf:


Top and bottom of loaf after cutting horizontally.

The inside of the loaf after the horizontal cut (mirrored sides):


The two shades of brown are more distinct here.

Unfortunately, the different shades of brown did not come through after the soap started curing and discoloring. In hindsight, I should have used some vanilla stabilizer to keep one a lighter brown, although I do like the sharp, contrasting colors.


The Last Cut:



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