Pumpkin Spice Latte Goat Milk Soap in Drop swirl with Pumpkin Seed Oil & Coffee Butter


After several tests of sent combos, I think I finally came up with one that will work: a 5:2 ratio of Pumpkin to Espresso FO. Here is the descriptions of the Bramble Berry scents:

  • Pumpkin Pie Cybilia: This pumpkin scent is more spicy than sweet, with butter, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Discolors Brown, 4.5% Vanilla. No A. Light Scent. (Discontinued.)
  • Espresso: This comforting and familiar scent smells just like that good ol’ cup a Joe. The fragrance entices the senses with opening notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond. Middle notes of honey and caramel, then finishing off with notes of roasted coffee bean and burnt sugar. Discolors dark brown. No A.


The Plan:

Add some Pumpkin Seed Oil and Coffee Butter for a more luxurious soap, as well as a little extra fragrance (3.8 oz in a 3+ lb mold), since the Pumpkin scent is so light. Use a dark base color (to go with the brown discolor), and drop swirl colors: cream, orange, red-orange, and black.

Master batch #5 oils: 36 oz; Plus: 1.8 oz Coffee Butter & 1.8 oz Pumpkin Seed Oil = 39.6 oz oils; 56 oz Soap Batter/ 3.5 lbs Soap (put through lye calculator)
Oils: 36 oz/ 1021 grams
Coffee Butter: 1.8 oz/ 51 grams
Pumpkin Seed Oil: 1.8 oz/ 51 grams
Lye: 5.54 oz/ 157 grams
(2.27 oz disc) Frozen Goat Milk: 11 oz/ 312 grams
Sodium Lactate: 16 grams (into Lye liquid at 130 degrees/less)

Batter/Colors/FO 3.8 oz (2.7 oz Pumpkin Pie & 1.1 oz Espresso blended)
20 oz BB natural (with a touch of Sienna Shimmer mica); 3 oz FO blend (will discolor)
14 oz TD white; no FO & .5 oz Vanilla Stabilizer
6 oz BB Activated Charcoal (with a touch of Sienna Shimmer mica); .8 oz FO blend
8 oz BB Racing Stripe Orange mica; no FO & .25 oz VS (turns yellow in CP)
8 oz BB Coral mica (with a touch of TKB #30 True red); no FO & .25 oz VS

Top Mica oils swirls: Racing Stripe Orange, Sienna Shimmer, & Coral micas.

I went with the Racing Stripe Orange, as it seems like a bright Pumpkin color to me. However, I did not look at my notes, which say that it turns yellow in CP. This was the first time using it and I should have studied up – Oops!!


Colors (clockwise): TD, Racing Stripe Orange, Sienna Shimmer, Coral, Activated Charcoal.


Clockwise: TD white, Activated Charcoal, Coral (with a touch of TKB #30 True Red), Racing Stripe Orange, Natural (with a touch of Sienna Shimmer – should discolor brown)

I added my scents and poured the 20 oz base soap into a 3 lb silicone mold, then drop swirled the other colors.


Top after swirling

I then added mica oils of Racing Stripe Orange, Sienna Shimmer, & Coral, then swirled the top again:


Top after adding mica oils & swirling


Close up


The Unmolding:

Where did all this pink come from?


The color in front looks like bubblegum pink.


The Cut:

I un-molded & cut the bars and they were very beige inside (like the sides in the photo above.) The black looked hideous with the beige. I thought that maybe I should have left out the black (I put it in because it was the dark, black color of coffee).

I should have taken a couple photos immediately after the cut, but I had to run out of town for several days. When I got back, the soap had morphed to a beautiful dark brown and the black looked lovely with it (the brown is so dark, the black is barely visible in places). The Racing Stripe Orange turned to a golden yellow, which works well with the browns. And the pink morphed to a pinkish-orange-red…not ideal, but not too noticeable either.





I’m not that excited about this drop swirl without following up with a hanger swirl. I think the ratio of colored soap to base soap is too high – much less color would have made this pop more. I am also very disappointed with the Coral being so pink and not having enough orange. The Racing Stripe Orange that morphed to a pumpkin yellow is okay, but I wanted more of a true pumpkin orange and some red orange, like the colors I had in the mixed oils.

It’s a bit of a theme of mine – over doing it with too much color and I need to learn more restraint and subtleness.


An Aside:
Testing a 5:4 blend of Chai Tea & Vanilla Bean FO (dusted with Gold Sparkle Mica):


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