Peppermint Chai in Frog Foot Swirl with 3 Milks (and Elemental Swirl)

Every year for the holidays, I make a Chai Tea soap with the classic red, white, & green top – which really says Christmas to me. (You can see the three previous ones on the October 8, 2015 Blog here.)

I try to improve the recipe, design, and scent blend each time, and this year I went with a Peppermint Chai blend in a Frog Foot swirl:


Top after pouring & swirling

Description of EO/FO’s used (from Bramble Berry):

  • Chai Tea Cybilla FO: A traditional Earl Grey Tea with delicious citrus notes of Bergamot and Sicily Lemon along with a base and heart notes of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla and a little bit of Allspice. This is a sweet, buttery fragrance oil with a touch of spice. 4% Vanilla. Discolors to rich brown.
  • Peppermint 2nd Distill EO: Smells like a more traditional mint smell, with a slight candy cane scent. Water White. No A, D, R. (2nd or re-distilled oils are reheated after the steam distillation. A portion of the the oil (waxes, di methyl sulfide) is then taken out of the peppermint giving the re-distilled oil a higher menthol content and a more traditional mint smell.)


The Plan:
9-bar mold with three layers: black with white; red with white; and red, white & green.

The Black & Red layers have an Elemental (ITP) swirl with white and a silver mica line dusted in between the layers. (Elemental Swirl: When two or more In the Pot swirl layers are used.) The top layer is in a Frog Foot Swirl.

(This is a very similar design to the soap in the Nov 14, 2016 Blog.)

Master batch #5 oils: 38 oz Oils (Makes 54 oz soap)
(Oct 10, 2016 Master Batch Oils Blog)
Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
Lye 5% SF: 5.37 oz / 152 grams
Liquids: (2 oz disc): 10.6 oz / 300grams (75 grams of each Frozen Goat Milk, Buttermilk, Coconut Milk, & Distilled Water)
Sodium Lactate: 11 grams

Batter/Colors/3 oz EO-FO:
Bottom layer:
13 oz BB Activated Charcoal – 1.5 oz Chai Tea FO
5 oz White (ITP swirl) (with a splash of Vanilla Stabilizer to help prevent vanilla bleed)
Dusting of Silver Mica on top.

Middle layer:
13 oz TKB #30 True Red – with 1.5 oz 2nd Distill Peppermint EO
5 oz White (ITP swirl)
Dusting of Silver Mica on top.

Top layer:
8 oz TD white
5 oz TKB #30 True red
5 oz Christmas green: BB Hydrated Chrome green (teal) & BB Chrome Oxide
Frog Food swirl on top.

I mixed 96 degree lye-liquid with 104 degree oils to emulsified and poured off 5 oz into two squeeze bottles for the green & red on top. Then I stick blended a bit more and poured off batter for the white on the top layer; and red & white middle layer. I tiny bit more stick blending and poured the rest of the soap for the bottom layer (black & white ITP).

I mixed up my colors and had to wait a while – about 10 minutes, for the black to get thick enough to pour. I added the Chai Tea FO to the black and a splash of Vanilla Stabilizer to the white. Then added the white to the black for an Elemental/ ITP swirl.

I dusted silver mica on top, using a fine mesh tea ball. I then mixed the Peppermint EO into the red and waited until the batter was thick enough to add the white & pour the next layer. Another dusting of silver mica on top of the second layer, before adding a thin layer of white. I put the rest of the white into a squeeze bottle and alternated red, green, & white on top.

(I think I might have over-reached with this one, as by the time I got to my third layer, my soaps were a little on the thick side, in spite of pouring them off at emulsified.)

Next I used my swirl tools to make a Frog Foot Swirl. They can be found at Bramble Berry:

They are for the 18-bar mold, but can easily be adjusted to the 9-bar mold for lengthwise or widthwise swirling. The one on the bottom of the photo is used first. I have outfitted it so that I can use it either way (lengthwise or widthwise). The tool on the top is set to use widthwise on the 9-bar mold (I have removed several screws).


Swirl tools: 1st tool: bottom of photo – left side for widthwise scoring, right side for lengthwise scoring; 2nd tool: top of photo – for zig-zagging/s-curves.


Top layer of soap with lines of color from squirt bottles. First swirl tool on left ready to go.


After dragging the first tool through the top layer, from bottom to top. Ready to zig-zag (make an s-curve) with the second tool from top to bottom.


The Frog Foot Swirl is created – after the second swirl tool has been zig-zagged the opposite direction of the first.


Close up of Frog Foot Swirl design


Dividers added. These bars look very festive for the holidays.


The Un-molding:


Bottom: I like the look of the white & black together.


Top before removing the dividers – it has lost some of it’s brightness.


The Cut:


Bars dusted with Snowflake Sparkle Mica


Close up.


To see the crisp layers and edges, I had to plane off some of the sides where the dividers pulled down the top colors and obscured the silver mica lines. In this case, it would have been better to skip the dividers and hand cut these soaps.

Version 2


For a more detailed tutorial on the Frog Foot Swirl see Soap Queen Blog.


An Aside:
I had enough unscented soap leftover in my squeeze bottles to put into 3 containers and try a new scent combo: Peppermint Grapefruit, at a 3:10 ratio (1.5 ml of Peppermint to 5 ml of Grapefruit) and put into a square Victorian mold:


This smells wonderful, and I look forward to using this scent blend in the future.

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