Orange Lemongrass Patchouli and Unscented Pink Himalayan Salt Soaps in impression mats


Orange Lemongrass Patchouli (orange) and Unscented (green) Pink Himalayan Salt Soaps


The Plan:

Salt Master Batch Oils: 50 oz /1417 grams oils:
(Salt Master Batch Oils #1 recipe here)
72oz/ 4.5 lbs soap – plus 28 oz PH salt; Makes 100 oz/ 6.25 lbs soap
Oils: 50 oz/ 1415 grams
Lye 10% SF: 7.47 oz/ 212 grams
Distilled Water & Aloe 1:1: 15 oz/425 grams

6-bar mold: Batter/Colors/Salt/(Unscented):
26 oz soap before salt, 36 oz with salt
13 oz Yellow Clay (plus leftover yellow oxide & LabColor); 5 oz (by weight) salt
13 oz Green Clay & Spirulina (plus leftover green mica); 5 oz (by weight) salt

Use 6 bar mold with negative impression mat and yellow & green clay for colors. Unscented.
Cut in 6 hours. (Poured this one first)

9-bar mold: Batter/Colors/Salt/3 oz EO: (.75 Orange, .75 Lemongrass, 1.5 Patchouli)
46 oz soap before salt, 64 oz with salt
23 oz Lemon Yellow LabColor plus 9 oz (by weight) salt
23 oz Orange LabColor (& Blaze Orange mica) plus 9 oz (by weight) salt

Use 9-bar mold with negative impression mat.
2:1:1 of Patchouli, Lemongrass, 10X Orange; (1.5 oz: .75 oz: .75 oz = 3 oz total). (Over poured Lemongrass to .96 oz). Leftovers in rectangular molds.
2 colors: Orange on mat, scrape off excess; Yellow on top. Do before adding PH Salt. Then add salt and mix both colors through out bar.
Un-mold & remove dividers in 6 hours.

  • Soaped at 130 degrees for lye water & 125 for oils.
  • Blended to emulsification and simultaneously set up each batch with color & FO before adding salt, for less disparity in the thickening.
  • Used a total of 28 oz PH Salt (by weight).


6-bar mold:
Top after pouring over negative impression mat and after swirling (this will become the bottom):


9-bar mold:
For this mold, I used the Diamond designed mat that I got in a new impression mat 6-pack: keywords= impression +mats

These mats fit the 9-bar mold with minimal trimming. They are very thin plastic and leave a delicate impression.

Top of 9-bar mold (which will become the bottom) after pouring and with dividers added:

I usually soap in the morning, but with this batch I was soaping in the afternoon, so to un-mold these in 6 hours would have put me past my bedtime. I took a chance and un-molded both and cut the 6-bar at 4.5-5 hours and they came out okay. They were still warm and very soft, and I used gloves, which made it a little more difficult to be careful with them, but I managed to succeed.


The Cut:

Sadly the mat used for the 9-bar mold did not preform very well, which was partly my fault, as there was not enough color definition between the yellow and orange, but dusting with mica really helped. I think the dainty impression is a nice change.


Orange Lemongrass Patchouli:


Dusted with Sienna Mica


Dusted with Orange Mica

Unscented Bars:




There was not enough color definition with the yellow and orange soap. I’m not pleased with the clay colors either. I should have gone with more bold, opposing colors for more distinction.

Also, I hadn’t used this particular Patchouli in a while and now remember why: it fades quite a bit. I only had 3 oz of fragrance in 4 lbs of soap, which was too little considering only the Orange and Lemongrass show up. If I do this combo again, I need to use 4-5 oz of scent total (or a different Patchouli that does show up.)


Additional Resources:

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