POG in Yin-Yang design & POGY in Pipe Divider Swirl: Invigorating Shampoo Bars – 2 Batches

I had a special order for some Shampoo bars – the request was for them to be round,  4 oz, and have Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit combo in them (can also have Yuzu FO). I love this combo of scents, so I made 2 batches for the special order, and extras for my inventory:


POG in middle, with POGY on both sides (round for special order, rectangular for inventory)

1st Batch: POG
Pineapple Orange Grapefruit Shampoo bars
Special Order


I wanted to try a modified version of my Shampoo recipe, adding extra coconut & castor oils to try to boost the lather.

The Plan:
Use round tube mold for 11 – 4 oz bars with thin plastic divider curved into Yin-Yang design. ITP swirl white, with orange & yellow on one side and all purple on other side.

30 oz Oils: Plus an additional 3 oz of Coconut & 3 oz of Castor Oils = 36 oz oils; 51 oz shampoo bars
Shampoo Master Batch Oils #1 Blog Aug 1, 2016
MB Oils: 30 oz
Coconut Oil: 3 oz
Castor Oil: 3 oz
NaOH/Lye 5%: 5.09 oz/144 grams
Distilled Water (1.88 disc): 10 oz/283 grams
DL-Panthenol: 1 oz/ 28 grams
Sodium Lactate: 10 grams

Sent Blend added to oils (3 oz total):
.75 oz Pineapple
.25 oz 10X Orange
.5 oz Orange Valencia
1.5 oz Grapefruit

Batter/Colors/FO 3 oz blend in all:
20 oz BB TD White
3 oz CC Yellow Locking Mica
3 oz BB Nuclear Orange
25 oz BB Queens Mica Purple

I added the scent blend to the oils. Mixed 94 degree lye with 104 degree oils…mixed by hand; divided & colored. ITP swirl with yellow & orange into White.

Simultaneously poured purple on one side & ITP swirl on the other side of round tube mold with Yin-Yang divider. Remove divider.


The Cut:

This mold got my bars a little wonky on one edge, from the liner – trimming seemed to create more unevenness. The white got much yellower than I had expected (mainly from the orange eo) and the Queen’s Purple was more plum than purple. The divider I had used for the yin-yang was not consistent and 4 of the bars had little or no purple in them at all, but at least 7 looked okay.


In some lighting, the purple looks very plum colored


Different backgrounds make the purple really pop.


Little or no purple in 4 bars


I was not that excited about the look of these soaps. In hindsight, I should have kept the orange eo separate, as it discolored my white to the point of no return – lots of TD could not brighten it back up. However, adding the orange to only the purple might have caused problems with browning that color. Using a color palette incorporating yellow or orange as the base instead of white would have probably been a better way to go.

I tried a sample bar and the lather was great. (I realized the difficulties I had in my shampoo bars lathering was self-inflicted. My hair had lots of buildup and using Apple Cider Vinegar just once cleared that up and the bars lathered just fine. Having very hard water does not help either.)

2nd Batch: POGY
Pineapple Orange Grapefruit Yuzu Shampoo bars
Special Order plus extra for Inventory


Round bars for special order, rectangular for inventory

I wanted to try something a little different for the rest of the special ordered bars and also make some to add to my inventory.

The Plan:
Use 2 small round tube molds with ITP swirl for special order.

For rest, use 9-bar mold and Pipe divider swirl. (The back up plan was to do an ITP swirl, if the batter got too thick.)

65 oz oils, 93 oz soap/ 5.8 lbs:
Shampoo Master Batch Oils #1 Blog Aug 1, 2016
Oils: 65 oz/ 1842 grams
NaOH/Lye 6% SF: 9.01 oz/ 255 grams
Distilled Water: (2.45 disc): 19 oz/ 539 grams (used 14 oz frozen water, 5 oz room temp)
Sodium Lactate: 18 grams (add to lye water)
DL-Panthenol (3%): 55 grams (added to oils this time)

Scent Blend – 6 oz total:
1.25 oz  Pineapple (slight peach discolor)
1.25 oz: .5 oz 10x Orange & .75 oz Orange Valencia (discolor orange)
1.75 oz Pink Grapefruit (water white)
1.75 oz Yuzu (water white, light scent)

Total Batter/Color/FO:
46 oz TD White with Grapefruit & Yuzu FO’s (3.5 oz total)
23 oz BB Fired Up Fuchsia Pink (with 1.25 oz Pineapple FO)
23 oz BB 1/4 Fizzy Lemonade & 3/4 TKB Yellow Lake (with 1.25 oz Orange EO)

Split into two batches:

For 2 small round tube molds 36 oz total:
(Used in Rimmed Soap March 19, 1016 Soap Challenge, but without the rims)
18 oz TD White
9 oz BB Fired Up Fuchsia Pink
9 oz BB 1/4 Fizzy Lemonade & 3/4 TKB Yellow Lake

For 9-bar mold with pipe dividers 56 oz total:
(See July, 11, 2016 Blog Pipe Divider Swirl Challenge)
28 oz TD White
14 oz BB Fired Up Fuchsia Pink
14 oz BB 1/4 Fizzy Lemonade & 3/4 TKB Yellow Lake

To prepare the 9-bar mold I chose larger pipes and only 6, as I wanted it to be a bit simpler than the last time I used these. (See Aug 29, 2016 Blog Shampoo Bars in Pipe Divider Swirl)

You can see in this photo on the bottom left, that I calculated out the weight of my mold sitting on a pan plus the amount of soap I wanted (74.9 oz + 50.4 oz = 125+ oz). I also figured out the weight including the pipes (88.25 + 50.4 = 138.65 oz…shooting for 140 oz with soap & pipes still inside.) And I made marks were the dividers would go, to help distribute the pipes so every bar got some color from the middle of the pipe.


Pipes inside the mold are “glued” with melted cocoa butter and put into fridge for hardening (you can see a little on the bottom left pipe)

I mixed the DL-Panthenol into the oils, as I have seen done by someone else. It was very clumpy and even after stick-blending, it was still very grainy and sunk to the bottom. (It dissolves better putting it into the lye, which is what I usually do.)

The Lye with the partially frozen water heated up to 125 degrees and took a very long time to get clear. I waited until it was at 96 degrees and I added it to 88 degree oils – mixing by hand. I then divided into 3 containers of 46 oz, 23 oz  & 23 oz. I added my colors and fragrances and it was still very thin, so I stick blended for about 10 seconds.

Since it was a bit thin, I started on my 9-bar mold, as I needed thinner batter than for an ITP in the tube molds. I used white as the base – pouring around all the pipes and added the pink & yellow alternately into the pipes. I was wishing I would have made a larger batch of soap, as I didn’t calculate out the amounts needed for inside the pipes and outside – using much more white than I wanted to.

The batter started thickening quickly, so I worked fast.


After removing pipes and swirling with a chop stick

Version 2

Close up of part of the swirl – the yellow looks very orange, but it will morph back to yellow


After adding the dividers, you can see that all the bars get a bit of design

When I was finished, I started on my tube molds. I wish I would have researched the last time I used these (for rim soaps). I was going from memory, thinking I had gotten 4 – 4 oz soaps out of each, when in reality, it was 5 – 4 oz soaps. So I was short on batter. (Although for this commission, I only needed 5 soaps).

I did an ITP swirl and poured into the first tube – filling it up, plus about 1/3 of the second tube.  I had lots of left over yellow & pink and alternated adding them, filling 3/4 of tube.


Soap in tubes. You can see on the sides that there is a bit of a swirl design inside. (The one on the right was the ITP swirl, the other was 1/3 ITP, with the rest pink & yellow batter drops)


The Un-molding/ Cut:


From 9-bar mold


Close up


These came out with a lot more white and yellow on top than I had expected…next time I need to make sure I pour the color I want to be more predominate (pink) into the pipes last.


The In The Pot swirl came out nicely in the round soaps:


You can see the more solid colors (less ITP swirl) on the bottom soap:



I like the results of these soaps much better than the first batch. I find the ITP swirl in the round bars much more vibrant. And although the rectangular bars don’t show as much pink on top as I would have wanted – and almost too much white in the background, I feel that the white makes it look very clean and crisp.

I also like the combo of pink & yellow – if there is any merging of the colors, it produces a nice orange. (I used this idea for the Pipe Divider Swirl July 2016 Soap Challenge, as we were restricted to a total of only four colors and this legally gave me an additional color.)

For the 9-bar mold I know I could have (and maybe should have) precisely calculated the area of the pipes and figured out the exact amount of batter I needed for outside the pipes. But I typically make extra batter for guest size bars, sample size, and keep some unscented to test out other fragrances – so it’s never an issue. However this time I was a bit rushed and did not make extra or even check on how much soap I would need for the tube molds. But it all worked out just fine.

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