Grapefruit, Kumquat and Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Soap using negative impression mat and tiny embeds on top


Left: from 12-bar mold with embeds; right: 6-bar mold with negative impression mat


The Plan:
Use 6 bar mold (36 oz) with negative impression mat. Cut in 6 hours. (Pour this one first)
Use individual 12 bar mold (72 oz) with diagonal dividers and tiny embeds on top. Pour different color on each side of divider, pull dividers & zig-zag colors, then top with little birds & hearts, one on each bar.

Salt Master Batch Oils #1: 52.75 oz /1495 grams oils (Plus 2.5 oz Sal Butter)
Makes: 79oz/ 4.9 lbs – plus 30 oz PH salt; Total:109 oz/ 6.8 lbs soap

SMB Oils: 52.75 oz/ 1495 grams
Plus 2.5 oz Shore/Sal Butter/ 71 grams
NaOH/Lye 10% SF: 8.13 oz/ 230 grams
Distilled Water & Aloe 1:1 (2.15 disc) 16 oz/454 grams
Kaolin Clay: 15 grams
Pink Himalayan Salt: 30 oz

Scent Blend: I would normally use 6 oz of FO’s – 2 oz of each BB Pink Grapefruit, Lime, & Kumquat (and this is what I recommend). But because the Kumquat is two years old and has lost a lot of it’s scent and the Grapefruit is very light, I used 3 oz of each of these.

39.5 oz Fizzy Lemonade Yellow & TKB #10 Lake Yellow with 15 oz (by weight) PH salt
39.5 oz TKB #27 Red & TKB Cosmic Carolyn (dark pink) with 15 oz (by weight) PH salt


The Reality:
I went with the odd amount of 52.75 oz of oils because that was the exact amount in my jug and I wanted to finish it off. I also added some Sal Butter to boost the total amount of batter to fill both the individual 12 bar mold and the 6-bar mold. (Run through the lye calculator of course.)

I combined my 110 degree lye with 102 degree oils and stick blended to emulsified, separating the batter evenly into 2 large Anchor Pyrex glass measuring cups.

I colored both batters, then added my FO blend to each, as well as the Pink Himalayan salt; alternately pouring the colors into a 6-bar mold with a negative impression mat.



Top of 6-bar mold, which will become the bottom

I moved on to my 12 bar rectangular mold with dividers, simultaneously pouring both colors into each mold. I found this to be a bit difficult and clumsy with the big & heavy Pyrex glass containers. (In hind-sight, I would recommend using smaller plastic containers and refilling them with the batter.)

After removing dividers:


Soap before swirling – the dark pink lightens up in 1-2 days.

I swirled most of these with a little chopstick – trying out a variety of swirls and leaving a few un-swirled for some variation.

I added some tiny birds and hearts in different places on the molds. I think they add a bit of contrast:



The Cut/Unmolding:

The pink lightened up considerably:


From 12-bar mold with tiny embeds

The pink and yellow blended nicely to create a hint of orange in the 6-bar mold:


From 6-bar mold with negative impression mat


I will go back to using my 9-bar mold (or buy an 18-bar mold?). Although I wouldn’t be able to do this diagonal design, the bars come out much better from the 9-bar mold with dividers (as long as they are un-molded within 6 hours). The 12 individual silicone molds kept the soap very soft for several days – I ran out of patients in 4 days and un-molded them, getting lots of broken corners.

I also would like to go back to soaping at a higher temperature: 120-130 degrees. They seem to gel better and are ready to un-mold just as they are cooling off. (Even though I had a space heater going and the soap covered, the individual molds never warmed up, and I’m not sure they gelled.)

And despite using so much FO, after curing, the scent is very light. Moral of the story is to not buy such big bottles, as the FO just doesn’t hold up long enough.

I like the soaps that are swirled much better than the un-swirled soaps, as they seem too linear. I also like incorporating the tiny embeds on top with the swirls – something new & different. Which do you like the best?


An Aside:
I had poured off 2 oz of soap before dividing the batter in half. I then mixed in BB Tangerine Orange mica and 5 ml of Southern Peach; spooned in some pink & yellow from the main batch (before FO was added) and poured into a 4 oz leaf mold.

I got a sample of this FO to test, as the FO I had turned out to be 2 years old and had lost most of it’s scent. So far, it seems like the new scent is holding (but still on the light side). A good reason to make sure your FO’s don’t get too old.


Testing BB Southern Peach FO. I poured this at a very light trace, and even after steaming several times, I could not get rid of all the ash.


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