Lavender Rosemary Mint with Heart Embed

I tried this technique last month (see Blog Post March 21,2017 here) and wanted to try it again – using a thicker hanger (gear tie) and pulling the colors more into the center of the loaf. I found the original method on a  Soapish You Tube video:



The Plan:
92 oz of batter, using 44 oz to make embeds for future projects.
Pour off 48 oz of batter for 3 lb soap (plus a 5 oz Ultraviolet Blue Heart embed).

Base color of pastel purple. Put down lines of drop swirl colors on one side; hanger swirl starting on top & figure eights to the bottom – pulling colors to middle of bar;  add a couple more lines of soap on top for contrast, then place heart embed on it & push down embed slightly (so it’s not showing on top).

FO Blend: 1.5 oz Lavender, 1 oz Rosemary, .5 oz Moroccan Mint

Master Batch #7 oils: 65 oz Oils (Makes 92 oz/5.75 lbs soap)
Oils: 65 oz/ 1843 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 9.26 oz / 263 grams
Distilled Water: (3.45 oz disc; 16% disc): 18 oz / 510 grams
Sodium Lactate: 18 grams
Kaolin Clay: 18 grams
Chamomile Extract (1%): 18 grams
Green Tea Extract (1%): 18 grams

Batter/Color/FO 3 oz:
36 oz Pastel Purple (BB Ultramarine Violet & TD White)
3 oz BB Ultraviolet Blue
3 oz Turquoise (BB Neon Blue Raspberry)
3 oz Pink (TKB #27 Red & Cosmic Carolyn)
3 oz TD White
1 Ultraviolet Blue Tube Heart


The Reality:
I soaped my Lye at 120 degrees and my oils at 118 degrees – a little higher temperature than usual, only because I was a bit impatient.

I stick blended till very light trace and divided out my soap for this project. I quickly made 9 different embeds for future ventures with the rest of the batter. When I was finished with this, the base batter was just right for soaping.

I mixed in my colors and fragrance oils and poured all the light purple into the 3 lb mold; made a back & forth pass with each color twice (pink, blue, turquoise, white); hanger swirled (in a circular motion, not the figure eight’s I had planned, as I was very intent on pulling the colors into the center of the bar); added my tube heart; then another pass of turquoise & white; splattered all the colors on top, swirled and put in my little room with a heater to gel.


Close up of swirls on top. Although the pale pink background is not that impressive, it will morph to a pastel purple.


The Cut:
I am very disappointed in the heart – it has ash throughout and no amount of steaming or planing could get rid of it. When I made this tube heart, I poured my batter at a very thin trace and un-molded it too soon. I think both of these actions contributed to the forming of ash. (If the soap is too thick at pour, there will be air pockets/bubbles, but obviously too thin is not good either. It’s very important to have the batter just right).



I don’t like how the pastel purple looks so faded out when using a purple background:


I’m not sure if I will try this technique again. Both times I don’t feel like I got sensational results (see my first try in Blog Post March 21,2017 here). This could be the soaper (me) or that I just need more practice with it.


An Aside:
I had some leftover unscented soap – which I had planned on, to make some Victorian Hearts.

Clockwise: a new BB fragrance called Alien, Lavender Green Tea, Lilac, and Lavender Herb Confetti:

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