Deadly Weapon Cedarwood Confetti with Gun Embeds


Deadly Weapon Confetti soap with gun embed

Description of Natures Garden and Bramble Berry Scents:
NG Deadly Weapon: A rugged and masculine scent with the perfect balance of intense spices including black pepper, cardamom and clove with a touch of sweet mandarin that sets the scene for the introduction of rich leather, smooth frankincense and edgy woods. Top: Mandarin, Black Pepper, Cardamom. Mid: Clove, Vetiver, Leather. Base: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Musk. .057% Vanilla. CP: No R, D, A, S.
BB Cedarwood Atlas EO: Deep, woodsy aroma; has the wonderfully sweet, earthy aroma of the cedarwood trees. CP: discolors tan.


The Plan:
Make 8 bars using 9-bar mold without the dividers (46 oz total)
Use 37 oz of white based soap plus:
8 black guns embeds for top (.5 oz each, 4 oz total)
Dark confetti soap scraps (5 – 8 oz?)
1:1 mix of Deadly Weapon FO & Cedarwood EO (1.4 oz of each)
Pour off 37 oz for batch, use rest for special projects (embeds, etc.)

Master batch #7 oils: 48 oz Oils (Makes 67 oz soap)
MB Oils: 48 oz/ 1361 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 6.84 oz / 194 grams
Distilled Water: (3.84 oz disc; 24% disc): 13 oz / 369 grams
Sodium Lactate: 14 grams
Kaolin Clay: 14 grams
Camomile Extract (1%): 14 grams


The Reality:
This was a pretty straight forward simple project to do. I soaped the Lye and oils at 110 and 105 degrees, poured off some batter for embeds and a special project, and used the rest for my main batch.

I added some titanium dioxide to whiten the batter, but when I put in the FO/EO combo, it discolored tan. Adding more TD did not seem to help. I used quite a bit of Confetti (7 oz) – leftover soap scraps from trimming previous soaps.

When the top was thick enough to hold the gun embeds, I added them, being mindful of the marks made on the liner of the nine-bar mold to cut 8 bars.


The Cut:



Some fun swirls in the confetti can be seen on the sides.



A friend convinced me that Deadly Weapon was wonderful, however I have regretted getting it ever since. But I bought a 16 oz bottle, so that will take a while. (To me it smells like cheap cologne.) In the meantime I am working on coming up with some fun scent combo’s that elevate the scent.

I had tested this 1:1 with BA Cedarwood Texas essential oil and it really smelled nice. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the Texas left, so I went with the Atlas, which turned out to be a much milder EO. Because of this, it took several weeks before the Cedarwood developed, during which time the Deadly Weapon really stood out. Fortunately, as it’s been curing, the DW FO has mellowed quite a bit and it’s becoming much nicer as the hints of Cedarwood emerge.

I am really pleased with the look of the Confetti in this soap and I got some fun swirls on the edges when it was cut. (The soap does look a bit more rustic than I care for, with some bumps and unevenness on top.) I like the little guns – they have more definition when done in MP, but I don’t like the bleeding and sweating I get from MP, even when using Low Sweat Glycerine and non-bleeding colorants.

All in all, I think these turned out much better than expected.

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