Sea Clay Avocado Facial Bars with Easter Island Head embeds


Sea Clay Facial Bars with face embed


The Plan
Make 62 oz of soap, pour off 14 oz for special projects.
Use 9-bar mold, 48 oz batter + 6 oz Easter Island Heads (9 heads, .7 oz per head) = 54 oz
First half of Peacock swirl, then Head embeds on top.

Essential Oil Blend: (2 oz/ 58 grams)
29%    17 grams Lime FO
21%    12 grams Pink Grapefruit FO
21%    12 grams Lavender EO
17%    10 grams Sweet Basil EO (or White Thyme)
12%    7 grams Litsea Cubeba EO

Master batch #7 oils: 44 oz Oils (Makes 62 oz soap)
MB Oils: 44 oz/ 1247 grams
NaOH/ Lye 8% SF: 6.07 oz / 172 grams
Distilled Water & Aloe Juice: (2.52 oz, 17.35% disc): 12 oz / 340 grams
Sodium Lactate: 12 grams
1% Avocado Extract: 12 grams
1% Carrot Extract: 12 grams
1% Buckthorn Extract: 12 grams

Batter/Colors – use sparingly/ EO Blend 2 oz
12 oz French Green Sea Clay in water
12 oz Yellow Brazilian Clay in water
12 oz Red Moroccan Clay in water
12 oz Indigo Powder in oil


The Reality:
I soaped with Lye and oils at 116 and 114 respectively, stick blending to emulsified, poured off 14 oz for special projects, then stick blended the rest to a very light trace.

The batter was divided into four containers of 12+ oz each; clays and Indigo powder were added and hand mixed, then the Essential Oil blend added to the containers (eyeballing about 1/4 for each.)

I had laid down a Diamond Impression mat on the bottom and roughly alternated each color into the diamonds. The batter thicken immediately after adding clay, so it was a bit thick for too much detail. After filling the bottom, I switched to pouring lines of color alternating until the top few layers, where I tried to pour as thin of lines as possible.

When my mold with soap weighed what I had calculated, I used the #1 swirl tool comb (found here at Bramble Berry) and made one pass, then added the dividers:


I then spritzed the Easter Island Heads (made with CP batter at an earlier date) and carefully place them on each bar:



The Un-molding:




I had just enough leftovers for one guest size Victorian Heart bar, which will be great for travel:

The mat used on the back side did not work well. I waited 5 days before pealing it off, but the soap was still so sticky that a lot of the design was lost. I don’t know if more patience would have helped with this, as it just didn’t seem to be drying:



I am really happy how this facial soap – with faces – turned out. They do feel delicate to handle, as I am careful to not smash any noses, which may also prove to be an issue for packaging and transport.

I am glad that I thoroughly schooled myself to not add lots of clay for color, as I really like the delicate light hues produced – the brightest colors are on the bottom & sides of each bar.

I do like what design was produced on the bottom with the diamond mat, but next time I will need to either wait forever before removing it or choose a better impression mat (as this one is a thin plastic that makes it difficult to produce good detail.)

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