Monkey Business (Banana) with Tiger stripe & Hanger Swirls


Description of Bulk Apothecary, Nature’s Garden, & Bramble Berry Fragrances:
BA Banana FO: 1.5 oz. CP: slight pale pink discoloring; works well.
NG Banana (True) FO: 1.5 oz. CP: excellent scent, perfect pour, no ricing, no acceleration, discolors to light tan, very strong; 1% Vanilla. Reviews: smells like taffy; smells like bubble gum; scent very faint after curing; smells like banana bread; true banana scent.
BB Kumquat & Pink Grapefruit FO’s: I used a tiny bit of each (.25 oz) to try to mimic NG Monkey Farts  Banana fragrance (as there is a hit of each in it). They are both very light FO’s, so I didn’t expect to have any of the fragrance come through, but used more as a mellowing affect to the other FO’s. Kumquat has a slight yellow discolor, Grapefruit is water white.


The Plan:
3 lb mold; 52 oz batter
Use 1.5 oz each of BA and NG FO’s; with .25 oz each of Grapefruit & Kumquat.
Alternate a Tiger Stripe down middle: green, white, yellow, orange.
Then hanger swirl vertically in straight up & down zig-zag pattern, followed by horizontal figure 8’s.
Top with rows of batter and silver, yellow, blaze orange, & green mica oils.

Master batch #7 oils: 44 oz Oils (makes 62 oz soap)
MB Oils: 44 oz/ 1247 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 6.27 oz / 178 grams
Distilled Water: (2.52 oz disc; 17.35% disc): 12 oz / 340 grams
Kaolin Clay (1%): 12 grams (add to oils)
Buckthorn Extract (1%): 12 grams (add to oils – can add at trace)
Oat Extract (1%): 12 grams (add to oils – can add at trace)
Sodium Lactate (1%): 12 grams (add to Lye water at <130 degrees)

Pour off 10 oz of batter for test samples.

Batter/Color/FO 3.5 oz:
13 oz CC Yellow Locking mica ~1 oz Banana blend
13 oz BB Nuclear Orange pigment ~ .25 Kumquat, .25 Grapefruit, & splash of banana
13 oz CC Granny Smith Apple Green mica ~ 1 oz Banana blend .25 oz NG Vanilla Stabilizer
13 oz TD White ~1 oz Banana blend .25 oz NG Vanilla Stabilizer


The Reality:
I used a little more FO in this batch than I normally would because all of them were 2-3 years old. I know from experience that at that age they tend to loose some of their strength and the Kumquat & Grapefruit are always very light.

I soaped at 90 degree Lye & 103 degree oils. Stick blended to light trace, separated out the batter for my soap and 10 oz for embeds.

Mixed in the colors and FO’s, plus Vanilla Stabilizer in the white & green. The batter thicken quickly, especially the green. Poured a Tiger Stripe down the middle, alternating colors. Did my hanger swirls as planned, added stripes of batter on top, as well as the mica oils. Did not spray the top with Alcohol, so that the mica oils would not get distorted. Wrapped in plastic wrap, towels, and put in room with small heater to gel.


Tiger stripe before swirling

After hanger swirling, laying down alternate colors of batter and mica oils, then swirling:


Close up – the mica oils are much brighter than the soap batter, making the orange look red:



The Cut:



There were a few bars that had some brownish discolor from the Banana FO. You can see the slightly darker areas towards the bottom left soap and the bottom right soap here:


Added the leftovers into a leaf mold:



I love the combination of a tiger stripe pour with a hanger swirl – I think it created some very intricate swirls. I would like to play with this design again with some different hues.

I’m not too excited by the color pallet though. The Nuclear Orange feels too bright to me, while the yellow looks very dirty, when I was going for a bright yellow (I should have used my go-to BB Fizzy Lemonade Yellow mica). Even though there were equal amounts of each color, there is very little green and even less white.

The mica oils on top did not have a very good showing either – I think I may have overdone it with the oils.

The Banana scent blend is very one note, and not too exciting. I was trying to go for something more complex (more Kumquat & Grapefruit?), like the description of Monkey Farts FO. (Although I’ve never owned it, I used it years ago in a class. I find the name so distasteful, that it is difficult to purchase.)

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