Sweet Meyer Lemon Blackberry in tiger stripe & hanger swirl with berry embeds on top

I’ve made this soap numerous times over the years, always changing up the design. You can see a couple of them on blogs here and here:


Description of Bramble Berry Fragrances:
Sweet Meyer Lemon: A lush, Caribbean garden bursting with the aroma of sweet lemons, horned melons, succulent kiwis, and ripe pineapple wedges. Sweet tropical florals complete this island wonder. CP: Discolors to a light ivory/tan, preforms well. (Some Acceleration in the past).
Blackberry Cybilla: This ripe and juicy fragrance oil will take you back to the days of picking sweet blackberries off the vine during the long days of summer. CP: No A or R. Turns golden tan with .5% Vanilla. Great for swirling.


The Plan:
3 lb silicone mold
CP & MP berry embeds on top – 4.6 oz total
Tiger & Hanger swirls

Master batch Oils #9: 38 oz Oils (Makes 54 oz soap)
MB Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 5.41 oz / 153 grams
Distilled Water: (1.54 oz disc/ 12.3%): 11 oz / 312 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 11 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 11 grams (in oils)
Carrot Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Green Tea Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

48 oz Batter/Colors/ 1.5 oz of each FO:
12 oz TD White, No FO
12 oz BB Lemonade Yellow & CC Yellow Locking Mica, .75 oz SML
8 oz BB Raspberry, .75 oz SML
8 oz BB Queens Purple, .75 oz B, .5 VS
8 oz MM Cosmic Purple (blue-purple), .75 oz B, .5 VS
(BB = Bramble Berry, MM = Mica’s & More, CC = Crafters Choice WSP, TD = Titanium Dioxide, VS = Natures Garden CP Vanilla Stabilizer; SML = Sweet Meyer Lemon FO, B = Blackberry FO)

Use 48 oz batter
Order of pour: white, Queens Purple, Raspberry, Yellow, Cosmic Purple
Tiger stripe then hanger swirl
Top with 4.6 oz MP & CP berries


The Reality:
I soaped the lye liquid and oils at 92F and 90F, stick blending until emulsified (using an immersion blender), separating out the soap and using the extra batter for embeds.

I was surprised that I didn’t get any acceleration when adding the SM Lemon FO. I poured one round of soap in a tiger stripe, but then waited for 20 minutes until it was at a light trace. Interestingly, the white was the thinnest of all the batters throughout the pours – typically I see some thickening when using Titanium Dioxide, but didn’t get any this time.


Clockwise from top: Yellow, White, Queens Purple, Cosmic Purple, Raspberry

After filling the mold with alternating tiger stripes, I used my thin hanger tool (from Bramble Berry, here), and zig-zagged up and down, then 4 times horizontally. I swirled the top with a thin chopstick, then waited an additional 15 minutes to add the berries on top so that they didn’t sink into the batter (spritzing with 90% Alcohol before adding.)


Top with berry embeds and before adding fine iridescent glitter.

I finished the top with some fine iridescent glitter, and put into the refrigerator to prevent the soap from heating and melting the MP embeds.


The Cut:




I used a lot of yellow to try to represent the Sweet Meyer Lemon, as I didn’t have any lemon embeds and I wasn’t 100% happy with the lemon tarts or wedges I had used in the past, (which you can see here.)

I’m not real keen on this design – it feels over swirled to me. I think it would have looked nicer if I just did the vertical hanger swirl and not added the horizontal swirl. And it doesn’t feel like the white adds anything to the design. What do you think?







2 comments on “Sweet Meyer Lemon Blackberry in tiger stripe & hanger swirl with berry embeds on top

  1. Vicki says:

    Those little embeds on the top are adorable! I like the white – makes the other colours pop I think…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. soapsbysly says:

    Thanks for the feedback Vicky!!


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