Lavender eo Goat Milk soap with layers and skinny heart tube embeds

These were Such a hit, I had to make them again – improving the last batch (see here).

Description of Bramble Berry & Bulk Apothecary Lavender 40/42 essential oils: The scent of lavender has shown to have positive effects on mood and can help to alleviate mild feelings of agitation or distress. Lavender has been thought for centuries to arouse passions as an aphrodisiac. This is a bold yet fresh smelling Lavender essential oil, very similar to Lavender Provence. CP: No A, D, R.

The Plan:

Use 74 oz batter for 5 lb mold plus 12 oz heart tube embeds.
Embed Heart Tubes: 1 skinny Queens Purple, 0.4 Skinny Queens Purple, 1 skinny Plum, 0.4 Skinny Plum.

Master batch Oils #20: 55 oz Oils (Makes 77 oz /4.8 lbs soap)
MB Oils: 55 oz/ 1559 grams
NaOH/Lye 5% SF: 7.76 oz / 220 grams
Frozen Goat Milk & Frozen Distilled Water: (2.35 oz disc/ 13.5 % disc): 15 oz / 425 grams (Used 6 oz:9 oz)
Sodium Lactate (1%): 16 grams (in oils or Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 16 grams (in oils)
Aloe Extract (1%): 16 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Avocado Extract (1%): 16 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

74 oz batter/Colors/5 oz EO: (Used 1.75 BB & 3.25 BA eo’s)
Add EO to batter, then separate:
48 oz TD White (in distilled water)
15 oz BB Queens Purple (pour off 1 oz for top)
11 oz BB Plum (pour off 1 oz for top)

14 oz layer of Queen’s Purple on bottom (stick blend and put in fridge to stiffen)
10 oz layer of Plum (next layer) (put in fridge to stiffen)
1/2 white, add heart tube embeds & rest of white.
Top with lines of colored batter swirled on top, spritz fine iridescent glitter.
Refrigerate until set, then put in freezer for 24 hours to prevent milk from overheating.
(BB = Bramble Berry, TD = Titanium Dioxide)

The Reality:

I used more of the BA essential oil than the BB just to finish the bottle (I find it a bit strong, so if mixing it with BB eo, I try to go half and half. I went ahead and added the fragrance to the oils, as I knew that it doesn’t accelerate trace (and I wasn’t testing any other scents).

I soaped the lye milk and oils at 84F & 88F, stick blending briefly until emulsified (using an immersion blender). Milk in soaps can accelerate a bit, so I wanted to start out very thin, since I needed to wait for each layer to set up before moving on to the next one.

I divided up the batter and added the extra to each container. I colored the purple, poured off 3 oz and stick blended the rest quite a bit, then poured it all into the 5 pound mold and put in the refrigerator to set up. (I used some of the 3 oz for individual molds and made sure to save over an ounce for the top.)

The purple set up quickly. I mixed up the plum – poured off some for the top and for individual molds, and then poured it over a spatula to prevent break through. The plum had thickened nicely, but was still very pourable, so no need to stick blend. I put the mold back into the refrigerator to set up, while I made a couple single soaps.

I prepped the white, which was now at a medium trace – but adding the titanium dioxide in oil thinned it out a bit (the batter was a very beige color from the goat milk). I spritzed the plum layer with Isopropyl Alcohol (forgot to do that with the purple to help each layer adhere to the next), then poured half of the white soap over a spatula, again to prevent break though.

I sprayed each heart tube embed with alcohol and set into the batter, then poured the rest of the soap on top. By now the colored soap I had set aside was very stiff, so I added a little warm Sunflower Seed oil, which thinned it out enough to plop bits on the top of the soap and swirl with a thin chopstick.

After spritzing the top with Isopropyl Alcohol a few times (to prevent soda ash), I sprinkled on some fine iridescent glitter and put in the refrigerator for several hours, then into the freezer to prevent heating up the milks.

The Cut:


This was a well behaved soaping session. The Cylde Slide design inside the heart tubes is pronounced, which I am very pleased with. I always thought the skinny hearts look better than the fat ones, but it feels like there is too much white space between the heart tubes. Having them closer to each other would have helped. And using fat heart embeds would also take up more of the white, which I think I will go back to next time. I also like the ratio of the layers, which look more balanced (smaller layers, compared to the larger ones in the last batch – seen here).

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