Holiday Snowflake Soaps

Last year I made way too many holiday soaps and snowflake soaps, so I tried very hard to pare them both down this year – making fewer kinds and smaller amounts of each.

Some are the same as the loaf soaps: (Peppermint) Candy Cane, Christmas Spice, and Fresh Snow. I did not make a loaf soap with the other fragrances, just the snowflake soaps.

I made each batch of snowflakes while I was making the main soap. This mostly worked out well, although I did have a few where the colors got a little muddied.

Here are this years Snowflake soaps. Future Blogs will reveal each of the Holiday soaps.

Candy Cane Snowflake (silver trim) with candy cane embed:

(peppermint, vanilla, sugar, amber, musk)

Christmas Spice Snowflake (with gold trim or silver trim):

(orange, lemon, cinnamon, mocha, thyme, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon)

Fresh Snow Coconut Milk Snowflake (silver trim) with snowflake embed inside:

(smells like peace & tranquility after a fresh snowfall)

Gingerbread Cookie Snowflake (with gold trim):

(orange, cardamom, raisin, clove, cinnamon, rum, vanilla, gingerbread, tonka)

Holiday Candy Snowflake (gold trim):

(not as sweet as holiday ribbon candy)

Lingonberry Spice Snowflake (with silver trim):

(mix of fruit & spice: apple berry, lemon, balsam fir, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, musk)

Sleigh Ride Goat Milk Snowflakes (silver trim):

(orange, green apple, peppermint, cloves)

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