Christmas Spice Soap in tiger and vertical hanger swirls

Description of Bramble Berry Christmas Spice Fragrance: Perfect for the spice-lover on your list, with top notes of Orange and Lemons, and a middle full of enticing fragrances such as Cinnamon, Mocha, Thyme and Nutmeg; cooling down to a sweet note of Candied Ginger & Cinnamon Sugar – like a warm, sweet smelling kitchen. CP: Discolors brown 2% Vanilla. Accelerates trace. A very lightly, spicy fragrance. Use 1.33 oz per pound.

The Plan:

3 lb mold, 52 oz batter.
Tiger pour & vertical zig-zag hanger swirl.
Soap Very Cool to help minimize acceleration.
Pour off 25 oz extra batter for Snowflake and sample soaps.

Master batch Oils #20: 55 oz Oils (Makes 77 oz /4.8 lbs soap)
MB Oils: 55 oz/ 1559 grams
NaOH/Lye 5% SF: 7.76 oz / 220 grams
Distilled Water: (2.35 oz disc/ 13.5 % disc): 15 oz / 425 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 16 grams (in oils or Lye water at 130 degrees)
Aloe Extract (1%): 16 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Avocado Extract (1%): 16 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

52 oz Batter/Color/4 oz FO + 2 oz VS (6 oz blend):
26 oz TD White
6.5 oz BB Bubblegum Pink (should turn red)
6.5 oz BB Red Mica mica
6.5 oz MM Hunter Green mica (dark green)
6.5 oz CC Apple Green (Light green)
Alternate white with each color down middle of loaf for tiger pour.
Zig-zag (skinny) vertical hanger swirl.
Top with lines of colors and swirl with toothpick.
(BB = Bramble Berry, MM = Mica’s & More; CC = Crafter’s Choice WSP; TD = Titanium Dioxide; VS = NG Vanilla Stabilizer)

The Reality:

I soaped the lye and oils at 86F & 90F, stick blending until just emulsified (using an immersion blender). I divided up all the batter and colored it. With the extra soap I made two different Snowflake soaps (four of each of Lingonberry Spice and Gingerbread Cookie), using the Clyde Slide pour – while checking on my main batter frequently.

I was fortunate enough that when I finished the snowflakes, the rest of the soap was almost thick enough to use. I added the fragrance blend and it thickened up slightly, for a perfect pour. I did a tiger swirl, alternating each of the colors with white, pouring down the middle of the loaf mold until complete.

Then I used a skinny hanger and pulled & pushed it through the mold numerous times (7 total?). After adding some lines of colored batter on top, I swirled with a chopstick, then spritzed fine iridescent glitter and Isopropyl Alcohol (several times to prevent ash.)

I put in a dedicated soaping room and covered with a towel for a few hours, then removed it. I wanted to start the gel process, but did not want it to overheat (which happened last time with this fragrance and Vanilla Stabilizer.)

The Cut:


The acceleration was interesting with this fragrance. I first got a slight acceleration, which worked in my favor as it made the batter the perfect consistency for this pour. Then the soap started ricing a bit, which I hand mixed out before each pour. When I was almost finished with the tiger pour, the batter started to reverse trace and was very, very thin.

But the soaps turned out lovely, as well as all the snowflake soaps (which you can see here).

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