Lavender Lemongrass Peppermint Pink Himalayan Salt Soap (6 with white plane embeds)

Description of Bramble Berry & Bulk Apothecary Essential Oils:
BB & BA Lavender 40/42: Similar to Lavender Provence essential oil, this is a mixture of lavender’s: 40/42 blends different kinds of Lavender for a consistent blend. The aroma can have a soothing effects on people suffering from stress, anxiety, and illness. CP: Water White, no A, D, R.
BA Lemongrass: Known for its invigorating and antiseptic properties, its astringent properties help fight acne and greasy skin. CP: has staying power; discolors yellow.
BB Peppermint 1st Distill: Smells minty fresh, like peppermint gum; herbaceous, sweet smelling; can improve mental performance, cognitive function, & digestion. CP: Water White, very potent.

The Plan:

Make 86 oz batter.
18 bar mold: 86 oz soap, 28 oz salt, & 3 oz embeds (6 embeds – rest of bars embed free)
(4:1.5:1.5) EO Blend Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint.

Salt MB Oils #4: 60 oz Oils (Makes 86 oz/5.375 lb – plus 28 oz PH Salt=114 oz/7.125 lb)
MB Oils: 60 oz/ 1701 grams
NaOH/Lye 10% SF: 9 oz/255 grams
1:1 Aloe Juice & Distilled Water: (2.8 oz/14% disc): 17 oz/482 grams
Kaolin Clay (1%): 17 grams (in oils)
Aloe Extract (2%): 34 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Fine Pink Himalayan Salt: 28 oz (by weight)

Essential Oil Blend (4:1.5:1.5) = 7 oz:
4 oz Lavender (1:1 BB & BA)
1.5 oz Lemongrass
1.5 oz Peppermint

86 oz Batter/Colors/28 oz PH Salt; 7 oz EO’s:
21.5 oz TD White, 7 oz PH Salt
21.5 oz BB Caribbean blue, 7 oz PH Salt
21.5 oz BB Aqua pearl mica, 7 oz PH Salt
21.5 oz BB Radiant Plum mica, 7 oz PH Salt
(28.5 batter total each container, including salts)
Add EO Blend into all of batter, then divide.
Pour lines of color.
Starburst swirl and then circle swirl with chopstick.
Add Airplane Embeds on top of 6 bars.
CPOP 6 hours, un-mold.

The Reality:

I soaped the lye liquid and oils at 90F & 95F, stick blending (using an immersion blender); then adding the essential oil blend and stick blending a little more. The salt soap seems to always be very fluid and takes a long time to come to a light trace where it is pourable without getting muddied. But that was not the case this time. Blending a bit longer and the fragrance accelerating were both contributing factors.

By the time I had divided up the batter to add coloring, it was already thick. I quickly added colors (mixing the white last, as titanium dioxide tends to thicken a bit more.) Then added the salt, which usually thins the batter out, but it only helped a tiny bit this time. So the process turned into globing lines of color in the mold and banging it down frequently. It was frustrating and disappointing.

I then did a starburst swirl and a circle swirl with a thin chopstick and pounded down the mold some more, added the dividers, and put the six airplane embeds in the 2 middle bars and the four corner bars, as I figured they would be the lightest bars.

I spritzed with 91% Isopropyl alcohol, then sprinkled fine iridescent glitter on top; put in a 150F preheated oven, turned it off for 3 hours, brought back up to heat, then off again for 3 hours. Then un-molded when still slightly warm.

The Cut:


Obviously next time I need to add the scent blend before doing any stick blending – and blending until just emulsified. If no acceleration from the fragrances, I can blend a little longer or just wait for it to set up to the desired consistency (which is what I usually do).

Despite the difficulties I had making this soap, I think it turned out really nice.

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