About Me

Hi! My name is Sly (short for Sylvia).

I have been soaping since October 2012. I took two CP soaping classes, but it was several months before I attempted it on my own. Of course I had to try something new (and challenging), so my first CP soap was a beer soap in a round PVC pipe. Fortunately the soap turned out great, but it was a bear to get out of the “mold.”

I had taken a dozen different classes on lotions, creams, scrubs, etc. because I really wanted to get away from all the chemicals in store bought stuff. The classes were fun, but I just couldn’t get interested in making that stuff at home – just too boring! (Although I still make them when needed).

I only attended the CP soap classes because they were the only ones left to take! The first was very basic, with no colors, swirls, and very little scent. The advanced class had I tiny bit of swirl involved and a touch of color (micas only – many that morphed to nothing). Finding the courage to try soaping on my own has opened up a huge world of inspiration & design.

I will never be an artist (too left brained), but this is the most wonderful creative outlet for me and I enjoy it immensely!

It seems that all the best things in my life I have stumbled on to: CP soaping, my Sweetie Pie, my career….