Blue Man in Hanger Swirl

It’s been a while since I made Blue Man soap – you can click on links to a few previous blogs at the bottom of this post. I was very pleased with the last two batches I made and wanted to do a repeat – adjusting the colors and changing up the placement of a couple of them.


Description of Bramble Berry Blue Man FO: This is a duplication of the popular men’s cologne, Aquolina Blue Sugar. The base note of Black Patchouli blends perfectly with Orange Peel, Sparkling Mandarin, Coriander Leaves, Star Anise and Venezuela Tonka. It’s surprisingly sweet and majorly masculine. CP: 4.9 % Vanilla, discolors brown; accelerates a bit.


The Plan:
Use a horizontal hanger swirl in a 5 lb mold using 4 sections with 2 colors in each, and 4 oz of Blue Man FO.

Master batch Oils #10: 65 oz Oils (Makes 92 oz/5.75 lbs soap)
MB Oils: 65 oz/ 1843 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 9.28 oz / 263 grams
Distilled Water: (3.45 oz disc/ 16%): 18 oz / 510 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 18 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 18 grams (in oils)
Buckthorn Extract (1%):18 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Dulse Extract (1%):18 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

88 oz Batter/Colors/4 oz FO/ each section:
Section 1:
11 oz Black (Activated Charcoal) with 1.25 oz FO
11 oz Dark Blue (BB Ultramarine Blue) with .75 oz FO & .75 oz VS mixed together
Section 2:
11 oz Turquoise (BB Neon Blue Raspberry) with no FO
11 oz Med Blue-Purple (BB Ultraviolet Blue) with no FO
Section 3:
11 oz Dark Blue (BB Ultramarine Blue) with .75 oz FO & .75 oz VS mixed together
11 oz Black (Activated Charcoal) with 1.25 oz FO
Section 4:
11 oz TD white with no FO & .5 oz VS
11 oz Med Blue-Purple (BB Ultraviolet Blue) with no FO

Use VS (Vanilla Stabilizer) with the dark blue.
Add a bit of Stabilizer in the white to prevent any color bleed from scent.
4 sections, alternate color poured into each, then Hanger swirl horizontally.


The Reality:
I soaped my Lye liquid and oils at 91F & 89F, stick blending (using an immersion blender) just to emulsified, then divided and colored all the batter. I was expecting some acceleration from the Vanilla Stabilizer and the FO, but fortunately got none.

I poured each color simultaneously into their respective sections, a little at a time until full; removed the dividers, topped off the colors and hanger swirled numerous times horizontally, with a few vertical swirls. I then added rows of batter on top and swirled with a toothpick, spritzed a little fine iridescent glitter, then put in a 150F oven (pre-heated and turned off) for 4 hours to CPOP.


Top before adding iridescent glitter


The Cut:



There are some noticeable glycerine rivers in the white & even what looks like holes (below) – surprisingly there is not even a dent there, but rather a bit of an optical illusion





This was a wonderfully behaved soap and I really love the fragrance. It’s supposed to be a man’s soap, but there are just as many women that like the scent too.

I was surprised by the glycerine rivers in some of the white, as I never turned on the oven after pre-heating. But it doesn’t detract from the design and I think gives it some depth.

You can see previous blogs of Blue Man soap in tall & skinny shimmy here, tear drop here, circling Taiwan swirl here, and hanger swirl here, and here.




Sea Clay Avocado Facial bars with Easter Island Head embeds Plus 3 Activated Charcoal Bars

This is a standard facial bar that I have made numerous times (you can see the last blog about it  here.)


Activated Charcoal and Sea Clay Avocado Facial Bars


The Plan
9-bar mold: 48 oz + 6 oz Easter Island Heads (adds .7 oz per bar) = 54 oz total
Paisley mat on bottom, Chevron swirl on top with embeds. CPOP
Plus 3 bars in rectangular mold: 16 oz + 2 oz Easter Island Heads = 18 oz.
Using Activated Charcoal with natural swirl inside & embeds on top.

Master batch Oils #10: 44 oz Oils + 2 oz Avocado Butter (Makes 64 oz soap) 8% SF
MB Oils: 44 oz/ 1247 grams
+ Avocado Butter: 2 oz/ 57 grams
NaOH/ Lye 8% SF: 6.33 oz / 179 grams
Distilled Water: (3.2 oz disc/ 21%): 12 oz / 340 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 13 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Avocado Extract (2%): 26 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Carrot Extract (1%): 13 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

EO/FO Blend – 3 oz/ 85 grams Total:
29% 25 grams Lime FO
21% 18 grams Pink Grapefruit FO
21% 18 grams Lavender EO
17% 14 grams Sweet Basil EO (or White Thyme)
12% 10 grams Litsea Cubeba EO

48 oz Batter/Colors (use sparingly)/ EO Blend 2.25 oz
12 oz Green Sea Clay in water
12 oz Yellow Silt Clay in water
12 oz Red Brazilian Clay in water
12 oz Purple Brazilian Clay in water (plus touch of Queens Purple mica)
Easter Island Head embeds on top (6 oz)
CPOP in 150 degree oven for 4 hours

16 oz Batter (3 bars)/Colors/ EO Blend .75 oz
12 oz Activated Charcoal Black
4 oz TD white
ITP swirl with Natural (save some black for top).
Easter Island Head embeds on top (2 oz)


The Reality:
I added the fragrance blend to the oils, then combined the Lye Liquid and oils at 104F & 108F, and stick blended (using an immersion blender) just past emulsified, but stopping before light trace. After separating all the batter into containers, the soap went to a light to medium trace – even before adding the clays (which usually accelerate trace.) Fortunately as I added the clays it did not thicken up any more – I used each very sparingly, going for a lighter color than usual.

I poured lines of soap over and over in the 9-bar mold, then created a chevron patter by using a thin chopstick going width wise & lengthwise, adding dividers in the mold and then the Easter Island Head embeds on top. I put in a 150 degree oven (turned off after pre-heating) and left it in there for 4 hours.

I then worked on 3 single rectangular molds, pouring some of the white into the black and pouring into the molds, adding mostly black on top before topping with Easter Island Head embeds. (I made these, as I had 3 embeds left over and wanted to try the Activated Charcoal facial bars.)


The Cut:


With mat design on the bottom:

Facial Bars with Activated Charcoal:



Why Activated Charcoal?
Activated Charcoal is said to draw bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. It may also reduce inflammation, which is significant in preventing premature aging. The activated charcoal powder I use comes from various hard woods (a renewable resource). It is produced by a high temperature steam activation process and is used in pharmaceutical and food industries.


I like the brighter colors in the Sea Clay bars (compared to previous batches.) And I really like the Activated Charcoal soaps too – I’m surprised the white accent color shows up so prominently. But the scent is slightly strong for a facial soap – hopefully it will mellow out some.

I don’t know why I used that particular mat for the bottom – it has always been a nightmare and this was no exception. (It took over a week and some freezing before I was able to pull it off the bars – and it still caused some damage.)



Electric Lemonade Cocktail in (Failed) Skinny Shimmy Swirl

I’ve used this fragrance only once before, in a hanger swirl (you can see that blog here.) The last time I did a Skinny Shimmy Swirl was for a Soap Challenge, using a skinny mold (blog seen here.) I’ve wanted to do this swirl again, using my trusty 3 lb silicone mold, which will give it a flatter look. Unfortunately, the FO accelerated and I got this instead:


Description of Bramble Berry Electric Lemonade Cocktail FO: A fresh, bright, wake me up lemon, with just the right mix of sweet and tart juicy lemon. A blend of essence of Mandarin, Orange and Verbena infused with Fresh Pumpkin, Bergamot and Granny Smith Apple – all wrapped in a soft veil of Vanilla, Neroli and Amber. CP: Discolors dark ivory/tan/yellow; No A & R.


The Plan:
Use 3 lb silicone mold with skinny shimmy wall pour.

Master batch Oils #10: 38 oz Oils (Makes 53.5 oz soap)
MB Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 5.43 oz / 154 grams
Distilled Water: (2.54 oz disc/ 20%): 10 oz / 283 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 11 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 11 grams (in oils)
Avocado Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Chamomile Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

Batter/Colors/3 oz FO:
7.7 oz TD white
7.7 oz BB Fizzy Lemonade Yellow
7.7 oz TKB Yellow Lake
7.7 oz BB Tangerine Wow
7.7 oz MM Pink Lemonade
7.7 oz BB Raspberry Mica
7.7 oz BB Neon Blue Raspberry (Turquoise)
(BB = Bramble Berry; MM = Micas & More; TKB = TKB Trading; TD = Titanium Dioxide)

Pour all of FO into oils before adding Lye.
Skinny Shimmy wall pour alternating right & left, with the mold tilted and pouring down the opposite side of the mold, starting with right side: blue, Fizzy Lemonade yellow, white, pink, raspberry, tangerine, Lake yellow.


The Reality:
I added the fragrance to the oils and soaped the Lye liquid and oils at 86F & 88F, stick blending to emulsified (using an immersion blender). It got thick quickly and continued to accelerate to a medium trace. I had the mold reading by tucking a serving spoon under the left side. I mixed the first color, poured on the wall of the right side; mixed up the next, tilted the mold the other way, then poured again and continued until all colors were in the mold.

I used 7.7 oz of batter, saving a little for the top – where I put down lines of color and zig-zagged with a thick chopstick width-wise, then l lengthwise. Then added fine iridescent glitter, spritzed with alcohol and put in a room with towels on top and a heater:



The Cut:




This was a total fail as far as a Skinny Shimmy swirl – I knew as soon as I started to pour it. In hindsight, when the batter was getting thick I should have gone with a Plan B – making layers at an angle would have been a good idea. Straight layers or a “plop” & hanger or chopstick swirl would have been other options.

Of course I should have separated out all my batter, colored, then mixed in the FO – like I typically do. I think the acceleration may have been caused by the fragrance being two years old – this happens a lot to me when I use older Bramble Berry FO’s.

Interestingly, I only got some discolor on top, with the colors a bit muted. And I made a single bar that was originally very bright and vibrant and is now very beige and diminished. (I hope the rest of the bars don’t change – they have cured for 5 weeks, so I don’t expect any.)

I do like the colors – they are very vibrant and cheerful. And the scent is amazing – leading with a punch of sour lemon drop, then a complex blend of scents in the background.




Island Escape Sea Shell Coconut Milk Soap


Description of Bramble Berry & Bulk Apothecary FO’s:
BB Island Escape: A blend of Tamarind enhanced by notes of Mandarin, Red Currant, Dates & sweet Coconut Milk. Reviews: Light Mango Coconut scent. The perfect tropical drink of Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Citrus and Coconut. CP: Minor Acceleration, discolors tan.
BA Coconut Kiwi: An addicting tropical blend of creamy coconut and juicy kiwi. Reviews: A coconut lime verbena with fresh, clean & sweet scent. CP: 2.11% Vanilla.


The Plan:
3 lb silicone mold
52 oz total: 48 oz batter with 4 oz CP embeds
Drop & Chopstick swirl
Use all of Island Escape FO (2.7 oz) plus .8 oz Coconut Kiwi FO

Master batch Oils #10: 38 oz Oils (Makes 53.5 oz soap)
MB Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 5.43 oz / 154 grams
Frozen Coconut Milk & Distilled Water: (2.54 oz disc/ 20%): 10 oz / 283 grams
(used 5 oz Frozen Coconut milk, 3 oz Frozen Coconut water, 2 oz Frozen Distilled water)
Sodium Lactate (1%): 11 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 11 grams (in oils)
Buckthorn Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Dulse Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

Batter/Colors/3.5 oz FO + 2.5 oz VS
32 oz TD White
4 oz BB Raspberry mica
4 oz BB Nuclear Orange & Racing Stripe Orange (turns yellow)
4 oz BB Fizzy Lemonade Yellow
4 oz TKB Coral Reef mica Blue
4 oz BB Queens purple mica
(BB = Bramble Berry; TKB = TKB Trading; TD= Titanium Dioxide; VS= Natures Garden Vanilla Stabilizer)
Drop & Chop stick swirls
Gold mica & fine iridescent glitter dusted on shells & soap top
Put in refrigerator.
Leftovers for samples.


The Reality:
I chose the colors above because I had made some shell embeds in those shades. I really didn’t have much of a plan with this soap. Since there was very little acceleration in the past, I wasn’t that concerned about it – I soaped the lye liquids & oils at 96F each. (In hindsight, I should have let the lye liquid cool longer. Instead, I warmed up the oils to match the lye temperature.) I stick blended (using an immersion blender) until emulsified.

I did take some precautions – dividing up my batter and coloring it first before adding the FO. When I mixed in the fragrance, it accelerated very fast to a thick trace. I worked quickly, but not fast enough, pouring most of the white, then drop swirling the colors in. I could only make one pass with the colors, as it was getting thick so fast.

I had planned on doing a hanger swirl, but everything was just too stiff, so I did a chop stick swirl instead, then added a thin layer of white and pushed in the embeds. I spritzed with some gold sparkle mica and fine iridescent glitter on the top and on the shells, then put the loaf in the refrigerator to prevent the milk from overheating.

I was working so fast, that I forgot to take pictures of it in the mold. Here’s a close up after un-molding:



The Cut:




I had planned to use half frozen Coconut milk and half frozen distilled water, but I found a small bag of Coconut water in the freezer and incorporated that too. Interestingly, the lye liquid was a bright pink color – which must have been from the coconut water, although that usually turns the liquid peachy.

I should have soaped at a lower temperature and stick blended to a very thin emulsified and worked much quicker – the heavy acceleration really took me by surprise.

I also wasted a lot of Vanilla Stabilizer – I had planned to use 1 oz, but as I was finishing one bottle and starting another the scale shut off and I wasn’t watching it closely as I started pouring from the new bottle. The large amount of stabilizer probably contributed to the acceleration, as it has done so in the past.

When I cut this, there was a lot of oiliness inside, which dissipated within a couple days. But there is a crystalline look in the soap – which you can see on the photos. I don’t know what caused this – it doesn’t look like glycerine rivers. I have gotten a rutty texture before when using 100% Buttermilk and wonder if this is the same. (I switched to 1:1 blend with water to help prevent this.)

I Ph tested this twice and it is not lye heavy. I have used a leftover bit of this soap and it felt wonderful on the skin, with no roughness or crumbling and the crystallized look went away on using.

I am very disappointed with the way this soap looks on the inside (I like the top), but it smells wonderful.



Sunshine Orange Yuzu Sunflower Soap

I’ve made this in a Sunflower mold once before (see here), using just Orange essential oil to color the leaves – it started out as bright yellow, then faded to a beige color. The 10X Orange scent was nice, but didn’t seem to have the depth it does with the addition of Yuzu (which you can see here). I also decided to add some Kumquat FO to bump up the complexity.

Version 2

Description of Bramble Berry Essential and Fragrance Oils:
Orange 10X EO: Also referred to as ’10 Fold’ Orange. (Folded oil is a form of concentrating it, via fractional distillation, and removing much of the lower boiling components, primarily d-Limonene. The higher the number, the more times it’s been folded, or condensed – concentrating all the “good smelling” elements that really stick in cold process soap.) This orange smells juicy, ripe and delicious. CP: Turns bright egg-yoke yellow color (but fades to beige).
Yuzu Cybilla FO: Japanese citrus. Based on the Japanese fruit of the same name, this is a fresh and sparkling citrus. CP: scent last; stays clear; light fragrance; Water White.
Kumquat FO: Like pomegranate – bright, fresh, purple & green notes, and like a sweet orange – fruity & clean. CP: Good performer – no acceleration, ricing, or discoloration (may turn slight yellow).


The Plan:
6 – 4.5 oz Sunflower soaps (28 oz)
Plus 6 oz for guest size Orange Yuzu soaps and 5 oz for embeds

Master batch Oils #10: 28 oz Oils (Makes 40 oz soap)
MB Oils: 28 oz/ 794 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 4 oz / 113 grams
Distilled Water: (1.24 oz disc/ 13.3%): 8 oz / 227 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 8 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 8 grams (in oils)
Carrot Extract (1%): 8 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Chamomile Extract (1%): 8 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

34 oz Batter/Colors/1 oz 10x Orange EO + 1 oz Kumquat +1.5 oz Yuzu
.5 oz BB Activated Charcoal Black center (only needed .25 oz)
16 oz CC Yellow Locking Mica (only need 8 oz)
17.5 oz BB Nuclear orange base
Color soap before adding EO/FO to get the right color.


The Reality:
I used a lot of fragrance, as the Kumquat has faded quite a bit. I soaped at 99F lye and 90F oils, stick blending just past emulsification (using an immersion blender), and divided out my batter. The first thing I did was use the activated charcoal colored soap in the center of the flower, then put it in the fridge to stiffen up. Unfortunately, I seemed to get it everywhere, and had to scrape a lot out of the flower petals before step two.

While the mold was in the fridge, I made my embeds, then colored and scented the rest of my batter. I stick blended the yellow and poured the leaves, then put the mold back into the fridge to stiffen up for a few minutes. I then added the orange batter for the base of the flowers.

The soap went into a room with a little heater to gel.


The Un-molding:




These seem to just be begging for a close-up and they really do pop when photographed up close:

Version 2


The black is on some of the petals that weren’t cleaned thoroughly before pouring the yellow – that is the way it seems to be in nature – not perfect. I don’t know if this is a good look or not on soap, but I think next time I will try to clean them up a bit more.


Karma Sea Clay Detox Buttermilk-Yogurt soap in hanger swirl

I have made this soap numerous times, refining the colors & designs – you can see additional blogs on it here and here. This is a very expensive essential oil blend that has been discontinued, but fortunately I have enough for a couple more batches.


Description of Bramble Berry Karma Essential Oil: This blend is comprised of essential oils of Patchouli, Orange, Lavendin, Pine, Lemongrass, and Elemi, plus Gardenia Extract. Earthy & spicy, but a very calming & relaxing scent. It is inspired by Lush’s Karma fragrance and smells deeply sensuous and alluring, with base notes of Patchouli and a hint of Orange. (Discontinued.) CP: Accelerates and discolors to honey brown.


The Plan:
3 lb silicone mold, 52 oz soap, using 3 dividers
Pour off 10 oz of batter for testing FO’s and making embeds

Master batch Oils #10: 42 oz Oils + 2 oz Argan Oil (Makes 62 oz soap) 8% SF
MB Oils: 42 oz/ 1191 grams
+ Argan Oil: 2 oz/ 57 grams
NaOH/ Lye 8% SF: 6.04 oz / 171 grams
Frozen Buttermilk, Yogurt, & Distilled Water: (3.52 oz disc/ 24%): 11 oz / 312 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 12 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Kaolin Clay (1%): 12 grams (in oils)
Aloe Extract (1%): 12 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Ginseng Extract (1%): 12 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

Batter/Colors/ 2.5 oz Karma EO:
13 oz BB Red Brazilian Clay in water
13 oz BB Green Sea Clay in water
13 oz BB Yellow Silt Clay in water (added touch of CC Yellow locking mica)
13 oz BB Purple Brazilian Clay in water (added touch of Queens purple mica)

Pour one color in each section, remove dividers & swirl with thick hanger in horizontal figure 8.
Finish with lines of color in Taiwan swirled top.


The Reality:
I wanted to make this as natural as possible, but once again, the purple Brazilian clay had a brown hue to it. The yellow silt clay was such a dirty yellow, I just didn’t like it, so I used a tiny bit of yellow & purple micas, to boost the colors.

I dropped the liquid amount to 11 oz, due to the extra distilled water the clays were mixed in; and used 4.5 oz Frozen Buttermilk, 1 oz Frozen Yogurt, and 5.5 oz Frozen Distilled water. (I wanted the milk/yogurt and water to be 1:1, as that seems to work the best. I ran out of Buttermilk, hence the reason for a bit of yogurt.)

I soaped at 92F lye liquids and 95F oils, stick blending to emulsified (using an immersion blender), split up the batter and added clay for coloring. It took quite a while for the soap to accelerate and thicken and I waited a touch too long to pour into the mold – batter was at medium trace and I wanted it a bit thinner, but it all seemed to work out okay.

I removed the dividers, added a little more soap, hanger swirled, then added additional lines of batter and Taiwan swirl the top with a chop stick:


After spritzing with alcohol a few times, I put it in the refrigerator to prevent overheating the milks.


The Cut:






I think this turned out lovely and I am pleased with the colors. The yellow is a bit yellow-green and the green is a greenish-blue (which I really like). This is probably due to the slight discoloration of the EO. There is a lot of purple and pink on the sides – I should have hanger swirled more. If the batter had been slightly thinner, it would have helped incorporate the colors too.



Remember Me: Rosemary Peppermint in Hanger swirl

I was asked if I had a soap that helps with memory and I realized I hadn’t made a straight Rosemary Peppermint soap in ages. I was inspired by a YouTube video to make a soap with less color, using more of the natural soap tone:


Description of Bramble Berry Essential Oils:
Rosemary: Best known for its aid in memory and hair loss, this distinctive smelling essential oil is considered stimulating in nature and is often found in energizing blends. It is also considered a symbol of love, and the sprigs have been traditionally used in wedding ceremonies. CP: Water white, no A or D.
Peppermint 1st Distill: Fresh, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable, Peppermint essential oil’s scent invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. This herbaceous, sweet smelling mint can improve mental performance, cognitive function, digestion, athletic performance, & pain tolerance. CP: Water White.


The Plan:
3 lb silicone mold
2 oz Rosemary & 1 oz Peppermint essential oils blended together
Hanger swirl

Master batch Oils #9 &10: 38 oz Oils (Makes 53.5 oz soap)
MB Oils: 38 oz/ 1077 grams
NaOH/ Lye 5% SF: 5.43 oz / 154 grams
Distilled Water: (2.54 oz disc/ 20%): 10 oz / 283 grams
Sodium Lactate (1%): 11 grams (in Lye water at 130 degrees)
Chamomile Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)
Green Tea Extract (1%): 11 grams (in oils – can add at trace)

52 oz Batter/Colors/EO blended together:
32 oz Natural
4 oz TKB Yellow #10 Lake
4 oz MM Pink Lemonade
4 oz BB Raspberry mica
4 oz CC Apple Green mica
4 oz MM Hunter Green mica
( BB = Bramble Berry; CC = Crafters Choice WSP; MM = Micas & More; TKB = TKB Trading)

Blend to light trace.
Pour: 1 in of white, then thin lines of green & hunter green on side; pink, raspberry, yellow in middle; successive lines of color move toward middle, then other side.
Hanger swirl – figure 8’s then some vertical
Top with lines of color and swirl


The Reality:
I had 20 oz of MB OIls #9 that I used with 18 oz of MB Oils #10. I ran both through a lye calculator, and the formulas were within 1 gram of each other.

I added the essential oil blend into the oils and soaped the lye liquids and oils at 100F degrees, stick blending until light trace (using an immersion blender). These EO’s are so well behaved, it took a lot of blending to get to light trace. I divided and colored all the batter:


Clockwise from top: Hunter green, Apple green, Yellow Lake, Raspberry, & Pink Lemonade

I set the mold lengthwise in front of me and poured 1 inch of natural into it, followed by the greens on the top side of the mold (furthest away from me) and the rest of the colors in the middle. Covered all with more natural, pouring another round, with the greens in the middle and the rest of the colors on the bottom (lengthwise in the mold closest to me). Then added a third round with the greens on the bottom and the pinks & yellows on the top of the mold. Finished off the natural batter over all of this.

I hanger swirled in a figure eight about four times, then pulled the hanger from the bottom of the mold to the top and angling towards the middle; did this from the bottom middle of the mold to the top angling towards me again; and then a third time.

I added lines of color on top, swirled diagonally with a small chop stick one way, then the opposite way, finishing with a zig-zag lengthwise:



The Cut:



I didn’t include Kaolin Clay in this batch to try to get a bit of a translucent look to the soap (which it is, just difficult to see in these photos):





I am pleased with the distinct colors and the feathery design. All the minutia of pour in different spots and hanger swirling at an angle didn’t amount to anything – that was the way it was done in the YouTube video I watched (can’t recall who’s) and I thought I would try this technique. I could have done a random drop and hanger swirl with the same results. (There may have been more distinction of colors if the batter was thicker, but then you’d loose the wispiness.)

At first this seemed very Rosemary forward, however as it cured the Peppermint came out more and you can smell both scents, but the latter is very light. I didn’t want the Peppermint to completely overwhelm the Rosemary, still next time I my try a bit more Peppermint – maybe 1.25 oz with 1.75 oz Rosemary.